Friday, December 1, 2017

My Travel Essentials

I travel simply because it gives me a breath of fresh air. It allows me to immerse to new cultures, get lost to uncharted territories, and discover my strengths and weaknesses. Truly, traveling opens to us to a world like we've never imagined.

Before I set on a trip, whether local or abroad, I always make sure that I'm physically and emotionally prepared for it. Here are some of the things that I usually bring aside from my passport, travel and accommodation documents, and money.

Kujaku Tumbler (Php 1195)

Whenever I travel to a destination where it is always hot and humid, I always bring my tumbler. The Kujaku stainless steel vacuum tumbler works like magic. According to Kujaku, the heat and cold retention of drinks inside their tumbler have a guarantee of 6 hours (for warm drinks with 60 degrees Celsius and cold drinks with 9 degrees Celsius). It keeps me hydrated all the time! Plus, it's not that heavy - perfect for traveling.

Luggage Cover (Php 375)

I have a gray luggage, and it's one of the most common designs and colors. Whenever I wait for it in the arrival hall, I always double check its tag whether it's really mine or not. This luggage cover is the answer to my predicament. It does not just protect my luggage from harsh weather elements, it also makes my luggage easy to identify even from a distance. These colors are so vibrant that they stand out from the rest. It only takes less time and effort to get your bag from the conveyor belt.

Amplify Fragrances (Php 199)

If you only have carry-on luggage, chances are, you won't bring your bottles of perfumes and deo spray. It is prohibited by Civil Aviation laws to bring bottles larger than 100mL inside the aircraft. Worry no more because these amplify perfumes are fragrant, keeps you fresh all day, and you can carry it on board.

Discover the new Amplify fragrances by @ncccdepartmentstore for men and women. Available in 6 different scents namely Vibration, Current, and Amplitude for men, and Magnify, Boost, and Intensify for women. Priced at Php 199 (10ml), Php 399 (30ml), and Php 599 (50ml) only. Get yours now and amplify your grance collection.

Purse (Php 345)

Having a small purse is very important when traveling. This is where I keep my cash, some coins, credit cards, and my passport. It's not too bulky, and it perfectly fits in your pockets or in your bag. Everything you need is inside, and it keeps me organized all the time.


Planning to go on a trip? @ncccdepartmentstore got you covered! Introducing NCCC Department Store's newest Travel Lifestyle Department, Biyahero 001!

It is your all-around travel partner which offers innovative, affordable and high-quality travel essential products to complete your journey. Plus, get a free luggage tag by simply purchasing a minimum of Php 1000 worth of Biyahero items in a single receipt transaction from December 1 to 20, 2017, NCCC Department Store Main Magsaysay or Mall Davao.

A beautiful and hassle-free journey awaits you with Biyahero 001!

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