Friday, June 17, 2016

The Best Alternative Beach Holidays

I love beach holidays as much as the next person, but you have to agree that they aren’t always the best holiday. They are the easiest and most relaxing, sure, but maybe it’s time we broaden our choices a little? Maybe instead of picking up the battered copy of “Best Mediterranean Beach Holidays”, you pick up my guide (you’re already reading it, this is just metaphorical) “The Best Alternatives to Mediterranean Beach Holidays (or Any Beach Holiday for that Matter)”. The title’s a bit long, but I’m working on it.

Orlando Theme Parks 

If you have kids (and even if you don’t, to be honest) then a visit to Orlando, Florida is such a fantastic idea. I remember going when I was in my early teens and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It felt so magical (I hate that word in this context, but it’s true), even though I knew it wasn’t, the level of the artistry involved means that it seems so other-worldly. Theme parks in Britain cannot compete at all, and feel very embarrassing when compared. If you’re planning a visit, here are the parks that are a must visit:

Universal Studios Florida
Islands of Adventure
Walt Disney World
Busch Gardens
Typhoon Lagoon

But really there are tens of other parks that are equally fun and fascinating.

Skiing in Austria

Out of all the ski resorts in the world, I would say my top five favorites are all in Austria. France, Switzerland, Italy, and Bavaria in Germany have incredible ones, but the Austrians do it so much better in my opinion. A skiing holiday, no matter your skill level (you can always learn whilst your there) is a great alternative to the traditional beach holiday. You get out in the open air and tear up the snow before retiring to a bar or chalet for some après ski relaxation. It’s a perfect get away to re-adjust your brain ready for the rest of the working year.

Caribbean Yacht Charter

I’m kinda-sorta cheating here a little as there is an element of the ‘beach holiday’ in this yacht charter, but I think it’s sufficiently different that I can get away with it. If you’re not sure what this is, then basically you charter your own private yacht and travel around the Caribbean Sea, stopping off at islands along the way where you can then lie on the beach and do nothing for a day. It’s like a hybrid beach holiday combined with a cruise, but you don’t have to share the boat with anyone else and you control it (you do need a little sea experience before hand, though). 

Alpine Activity Holiday

Moving back to the Alps for my last alternative to the beach holiday. This is the activity holiday, where you get dropped off into the forested parts of the Alps and get to enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming, canoeing, fishing and all that other great outdoors stuff. This is the perfect holiday for kids as they get exercise and are able to experience nature with their own eyes and not through a screen, for once.

Hope you liked my alternatives, now you can either book one or go back to laying on a beach in Spain… your choice!

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