Friday, May 25, 2018

Tips on Experiencing Your Vacation Destination Like a Local

Traveling abroad is a chance to relax, experience a new culture, and also to gain a little perspective on life. Most people choose to book into a hotel where they can have their every need met, and spend their time visiting the local museums or traveling to important historical and cultural landmarks. Though this can be a wonderful way to experience a new city, if you are looking to break away from the typical tourist experience, and immerse yourself in the local culture, then you might want to avoid going to the obvious places. Here are some top tips for exploring your latest vacation destination in a way which will allow you to see the city from the local’s perspective. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photo Diary: Sunny Singapore

Pardon if this post is almost four months late.

Last February, I was in Singapore with my PPSG (Philippine Planespotters Group) friends to attend the Singapore Airshow 2018. It only happens every two years and I missed the previous one in 2016. In 2017, my PPSG friends already planned to go through this trip. This is actually my first international airshow. To add the fun, I was with my friends who share the same passion for aviation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to Keep Fit on Your Long-Stay Holiday

A long-stay holiday is something that so many people look forward to. Rather than having just a week or two away from where you try to rush all your relaxing, sightseeing, and exploding into a small timeframe, a long-stay holiday really allows you to settle in and get to know the culture and the destination. With that said, it can be an awfully long time away from your regular routine when it comes to personal fitness.

You may not have workout facilities available to you while you’re away, and there’s a good chance you’ll be eating more food, and richer food at that, while on holiday. So, what can you do to keep fit on your long-stay holiday ensuring that you come back in the best of health? Here are some tips you can use.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Melbourne This Way

Visiting Melbourne was a spontaneous decision as it wasn't part of my original itinerary. It could've been better if I booked a Manila-Melbourne-Sydney-Manila flight.

Still, no regrets.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Extreme Ghost Tour Experience at Q Station, Sydney

Despite having a comfy flight from Manila to Sydney, I still felt tired. After passing through immigration, I immediately went to the arrival hall, loaded my Opal card, and rode a train to my mate's flat to Burwood. It was raining when I arrived in Sydney. At only 18 degrees, the warm shower and the bed were the only two things that I look forward to.

It was still raining when I woke up. The overcast weather made the day bleak and gloomy. Then, I just remembered the things I watched online a few days ago, and one of them was the ghost tours in Sydney. I asked my mate about it, and the next thing I knew, he already booked us an extreme ghost tour on a weekend, after my trip to Melbourne.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Great Ocean Road Adventure

I have always considered solo traveling. I have done it once six years ago but failed miserably. To think it was just only a local trip up north. At 22, I wasn't ready to face the reality and the ugly truth about life. I was very much dependent on my support systems. I know it sucks, but maturity doesn't really come with age.

I fell in love with Australia after I traveled there late last year. For four days, I explored Sydney and the nearby towns of New South Wales. I know four days was too short, considering that Manila is 8 hours away from Sydney by air. Traveling there was already a huge deal for me, and I made a promise to spend more time in the land down under. Suddenly, Melbourne crossed my mind.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First They Killed Kampuchea

I was crossing my fingers while waiting for the confirmation of our bus tickets to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We were informed that tickets were nearly sold out because it was a holiday in Cambodia the following day. I was preparing emotionally and financially that I might buy a one-way airline ticket from Saigon to Siem Reap. Moments later, the front desk officer of our hotel came out with a good news. "You are all lucky. We still have seats for you to Siem Reap. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Cambodia. Many people are coming home!", he told us cheerfully.

Monday, March 19, 2018

How To Decide Where To Go On Vacation

Bearing in mind that there are so many vacation options that one can choose from, making a decision can be a bit of a struggle. If you love traveling and you find yourself on the roads quite a few times a year, you might have a few destinations in mind. On the other hand, if you’re a novice explorer and you’re just starting out, you might find it difficult to pick a great vacation destination. Either way, the opportunities are endless.

Sometimes you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to be able to create memorable times with your group of friends. Although the number of vacation options is exceeding the number of vacations that a person can take in their lifetime, one has to prioritize their trips. Keep in mind how close they are to your home, the amount of time it would take you to explore that place and lastly, your budget. Below there is some advice to guide travelers in the right direction when they are making this decision.

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