Sunday, May 2, 2021

Ilocos Region: The Adventure to the Great North

Ever since I started working, I have traveled to various countries–South Korea, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Indonesia, to name a few. It gave me a broader perspective on life. I got introduced to unfamiliar cultures, met new friends along the road, and explored the underrated cities. But I'm going to tell you a secret. I haven't explored my home country much, and it's a shame.

The Philippines has much to offer, from highlands to islands, from the towering verdant landscapes to the turquoise and cerulean waters. It was a personal choice not to explore my own country because I thought I had already known my home country. The truth is, I barely scratched the surface. Every region is unique–culture, language, and food. Years after traveling abroad, it felt like I had become a stranger in my own country. Now it is about time to get reacquainted with my motherland. With my friends, I traveled to the north to visit the Ilocos Region, my paternal grandfather's hometown. It's a shame I don't speak their language, and my knowledge of this region is limited. Welcome to the Ilocos Region, the best of culture and nature, and the heritage village of the Philippines.