Saturday, June 20, 2020

Montréal Revisited

Montréal wasn't part of my original plan. The day before we went to this city, my good mate Jase surprised me and told me we were going on a road trip. I didn't expect that we would travel for more than 8 hours just to visit the largest city of Québec Province, the French part of Canada. I love this city! The charm is different compared to Toronto, a highly urbanized city filled with modern skyscrapers in downtown and midtown areas. Montréal kept its charm by preserving old buildings in the old downtown. While it's notoriously colder here than in Toronto, it didn't stop us to explore this quaint city of Canada.

Months ago, I downloaded a bunch of LR presets, and I tried some of them. While browsing my Montréal album on my hard drive, I still have tons of unedited and unprocessed photos. Since I have all the time today, these are some of my favorite photos of Montréal.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

4 things that are guaranteed to ruin your vacation

There’s nothing more exciting than building up to your annual vacation. You’ve saved for months, you’ve worked hard and you’ve planned every activity, the hotel, and location down to the last minute detail. 

Sadly, not every vacation goes to plan, no matter how well you plan and strategize your days in the sun. Leaving you feeling as if you’ve missed an entire opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself, and make the most out of time away from work and ordinary life. So, it makes sense to make yourself familiar with the most common ways a vacation can be ruined – and do your best to avoid them!

Read on for 4 things that are guaranteed to ruin your vacation.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Eighteen Hours on the Road

Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple

The longest flight that I have taken so far was almost sixteen hours. Last year, I flew nonstop from Manila to Toronto, and it was a dreadful experience. Don't get me wrong, the inflight services were top-notched, and the inflight entertainment system was up-to-date, but sitting for sixteen straight hours can be challenging. I have exhausted all the possible things inside the cabin to keep me preoccupied–I slept for six hours, watched The Greatest Showman and Crazy Rich Asians twice, and had a skincare routine while everyone was asleep. In a nutshell, I survived, and I think I won't be doing it again for a while. However, I just realized that this experience was nothing compared to what I've gone through when I rode a bus from Saigon to Siem Reap for eighteen hours!