Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Photo Diary: The Capital

I went to Manila for my two-week training for the theoretical part of my radar course training (aka work). It's actually good to be back at the training center. Even though the corridors and the classrooms were already renovated, it was still a walk down memory lane. The memories of the old, decrypted hallways of the training center will never ebb in my subconscious thoughts. How could I forget this place? This is where I built my dreams and aspirations in life. Every corner of the building knew how hard I fought to become one of the guiding voices of the sky.

Drama aside, here are some of the snapshots I took during my two-week stay in Manila.

PS: I also made a 90 sec film. It's my first attempt to try cinematography. I know I still have a lot to improve, but I did enjoy filming this clip. Hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Photo Diary: City Lights x Neon Lights

I usually post-process my photos on Adobe Photoshop. Before I bought my new laptop (it's a Macbook Retina Pro 2015 model, and I regret nothing) two months ago, post-processing was a daunting task. Aside from the fact that I edit photos individually, my previous laptop worked very slow that sometimes, it can no longer open Microsoft Word. I can't blame it, the laptop's already seven years old, and the hardware's already outdated. It can no longer catch up with today's technology.

Ever since I installed Adobe Lightroom on my new laptop, post-processing became a breeze. I got hooked on the travel presets. There are so many presets available online, some costs around ten to twenty bucks, but the choices are endless. These Lightroom preset had helped me in curating my Instagram feed.