Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Four Years Ago

Okay, hear me out. It's hard to update this travel blog regularly for obvious reasons. I have written more posts on my (personal) blog this year! Today, before I went to work, I found my old external hard drive. It's where I store all my raw photos and videos from my travels from 2014 until late 2019. Since I still have unpublished and unedited photos, I started browsing the 2017 folder. 2017 was so special to me. It was the year I got transferred to Davao, finally got tenured at work, and visited Sydney for the first time, one of my favorite places in the world. Man, I miss my old life. 2017 feels like four decades ago! Those were the days when I'd message my friends and alert them about an ongoing seat sale, read all the travel blogs to formulate my travel itinerary, and watch some travel vlogs on YouTube.

These are some photos I've salvaged (LOL) from my old hard drive and post-processed on Lightroom. I am 100% that I haven't published these on any of my social media posts.