Thursday, January 24, 2013

Postcard: Southern Cebu Landscape

Robbie, Jerome, and I traveled all the way from Cebu City to the municipality of Dalaguete, which is a three hour journey from the Metro. Along the way, we were greeted by the picturesque seascapes on our left and old churches on our right. It was such a beautiful sight! Everything was well preserved, the air was clean, and life seemed so simple.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Postcard: The Pinatubo Crater Lake

It was a exactly a year ago when I trekked Mount Pinatubo together with some thirty travel bloggers coming from the different points of the country. It was my first time to trek a mountain and I was not really sure if I made the right decision. But apparently, I did not regret of flying all the way to Capas, Tarlac just to see the magnificent view of the crater lake. It was truly worth it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Experiencing the Jazz and Blues of New Orleans

In New Orleans, there's always a reason for a festival. It's Tuesday? Festival. It's raining? Time for a Carnival. Seriously, there are over 40 jubilees listed on and those are just the annual ones, let alone the impromptu celebrations that materialize. Full moon? Let's party. In the French Quarter, there's always music playing and people shakin' their tail feathers.

There's a reason Americans adore the city of New Orleans and its inhabitants. A city full of life and hope; a community that holds each others hands through times of destruction, only to rise back from the depths of the abyss to once again glow with life and culture. Open arms welcome you inside of this mysterious place. Its magic takes you away as you get down the cobblestone streets, groovin' with everyone around you. NOLA is music to the soul.

It's practically impossible to hit every festival in the Big Easy if you're not local. Look into New Orleans apartments if you feel you can't miss some of these classics; or, get yourself a frequent flier rewards card. Once you hit a few of these merriments, you'll be hooked.