Sunday, August 18, 2019

Eight Glasses of Beer

My friend and I went on a road trip and explored the towns of Bendigo, Echuca, and Ararat in the state of Victoria. These towns are at least several hundred kilometers away from Melbourne. They're so far that only a few foreign tourists know about these places–including me. Before this trip, he told me that life in the Australian countryside is so different from the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Aside from having a more relaxed environment and a laidback lifestyle, the locals are friendlier and love engaging in small talks.

We made a quick stop at Bendigo for a quick lunch before driving further north to the town of Echuca. Located near the border of Victoria and New South Wales, Echuca is an idyllic town. Rustic cabins and old but restored buildings no taller than three floors line up the town's commercial district. The place reminded me of a scene straight from an American Midwest film from the 80s, albeit the cowboys, tumbleweed caught in the desert wind, and guns. The shops close as early as six in the evening, and the only shops open for the rest of the night are pubs and Maccas.