Monday, December 17, 2018

Nusa Penida: A Journey To Bali's Newly Discovered Gem

I woke up from my phone's blaring alarm. With only four hours of sleep, I forced myself to wake up and take a cold shower. Traffic was already building up as we left Seminyak to Sanur Beach. Upon arrival, we were still early for the first boat trip to Nusa Penida. The sun was up, casting an orange-yellow hue from the horizon. Despite being a frequent visitor to Bali, I still feel this sense of adventure overtaking me as we wait for the speedboat to Nusa Penida.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

I Won A Free Trip To Bali... AGAIN!

While I was scrolling my IG feed, I came across with Wonderful Indonesia's ad - the Trip Of Wonders online quiz. Suddenly, a rush of memories came through. Two years ago, I won the same contest. Since it was a trip for two, my mom tagged along, and we had a great time touring around Bali. Who wouldn't? Our airfare and accommodation were all covered. Plus, the organizers gave us an allowance to fully enjoy our trip! This year, I took the chance. While it was more difficult this year, I still managed to score higher than the others. It was disheartening not to see my name at the scoreboard though. I kept my expectations low. Besides, I have nothing to lose!

A few days after my trip to Sydney, I received an email from Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism. Fast forward, I went back to Bali just two months after my previous visit. I never thought I'd be visiting this revered Island of Gods twice this year!