Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Living in the Pearl of the Orient

Owing to its archipelagic setup, the Philippines boasts many natural attractions. Ranging from above sea level mountains to deepest water trenches, the country does not fall short of mesmeric wonders satiating the cravings of adventure seekers. Here are 8 reasons why the Philippines is a good place to live:

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kyoto: A Journey to Japan's Heritage

The urban landscape of Nagoya quickly changed to vast ricefields as the shinkansen train gained speed. My mom, being a first-timer aboard this state-of-the-art bullet train, didn't notice that we were traveling close to 400 kilometers per hour. While peering out the window, thinking of the possible things to do in Kyoto, she got caught off guard by the speeding opposite bound train. The ride to Kyoto was only 40 minutes. I wished it was longer, but my wallet is already screaming – our one-way fare to Kyoto was even more expensive than our roundtrip fare to and from Manila!

I wasn't expecting a lot about our trip to Kyoto. We were scheduled to stay here for three days and two nights. I have already seen a lot of photos and read blogs about this former Imperial Capital, so there was not much of a buzz the moment we stepped out of our train. Boy, I was wrong.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Summer in Nagoya

Surprisingly, we took off Manila on time. The 4-hour journey to Nagoya was rather smooth, and I purposely requested a left window seat to capture the majestic sunset en route. It was already dark when we started our descent towards Nagoya. All I see was pitch black. I couldn't even make out where the land and the sea was. I guess we were only a few thousand feet when we finally emerged from the clouds, and I could see the distant lights of Nagoya's central business district.

The warm and humid summer air of Nagoya greeted us as we exited the terminal building. We rode a train to Kanayama Station, which is a 30-min ride from Chubu-Centrair Airport, where we would meet up with my aunt. While on the train, I couldn't help myself but observe. There's something about Japan that strikes you real hard - the efficiency, the politeness, and the generally peaceful urban environment.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Discover a different side of Thailand with a “One Night Stay with Locals”

From southern provinces that you may already be familiar with such as Phang Nga and Chumphon, to the more remote northern provinces of Lampang, Nan and many more, 13 destinations have been carefully chosen by Tourism Authority of Thailand as part of this newly-launched “One Night Stay with Locals” project. Not only are these villages very remote (meaning you will beat the crowds even in high season), there is also a huge variety of community-focused activities available, such as getting your hands dirty picking fruit in orchids with the locals, taking tractor rides through the jungle to waterfalls or heading out on fishermen’s boats to find the catch of the day!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

How to Have a Peaceful Getaway Anywhere in the World

Getaways are often just what people need to escape from the usual hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Sometimes, achieving a relaxing holiday can be tricky when you don’t have the right ingredients to make it perfect. This can mean you return from your trip feeling less refreshed than you hope to. Luckily, lots of people have been in the same situation before, which means there are numerous ideas on how you can unwind and enjoy your next holiday. Whether you are hoping to have a staycation or travel to somewhere across the world, there are many hints and tricks you can follow to ensure you have the most peaceful getaway. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

#JaFun Birthday Adventure

Summer in Japan.

The first time I went to Japan, the leaves were falling, the foliage had already started to turn orange, and it was getting colder as days went by. Most streets in Tokyo's financial districts don't sleep at all, and people still wear their corporate attires even at two in the morning. Despite the busy crowd of Tokyo, I was still in awe. How can a big city become so clean and so organized despite having a population of more than ten million? I thought maybe these things only exist in Tokyo. But, Japan is known for being Japan. Man, I couldn't have been more wrong about it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Title: 10 Things To Do In America's Capital

We covered a lot of places to see in looking at how to travel America the right way. It’s a massive country, and there’s almost too much to see to even know where to begin narrowing down your options. But where better to start than the nation’s capital? Often overshadowed by cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, Washington, D.C. is an incredible place to visit.

These are some of the best things to do there.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

How to Travel America the Right Way

For hundreds of years, America has been attracting people from all over the globe to its shores. Whether it be for sweeping beaches, immense mountain structures, or its bustling cities, each state offers something that no other can compete with, each holding its own unique culture, history, and collection of attractions. Due to its sheer size, it can often leave people feeling overwhelmed about how they can make the most of their time there, and travel to America in the right way. Luckily, there are lots of helpful hints and tricks that countless travelers have offered over the years, which aim to make your time here run smoothly.

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