Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trips and Tricks for Summer 2012

The weather starts to get hotter and more humid as days go by. School's about to end and for those who work from nine to five, non-working holidays start to pile up. The beaches, as well as the mountains look inviting right now.

Philippines Summer 2012
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine!

Well, allow me to share some trips and tricks on how to spend your summer break wisely.

Eat as if there's no tomorrow.

Cebu IT Park Food Trip

There are so many restaurants/eateries in the country, most especially if you're from the metro. Just recently, my friends and I had an ultimate Cebu IT Park food trip. We literally hopped from one restaurant to another at The Walk and ate as if there's no tomorrow. No kidding. It was a pig-out day with my travel buddies. T'was such a great day.

Church Hopping

One of Spain's greatest contributions to our country was Christianity. Because of it, churches have sprouted like mushrooms during their time. Most of them got destroyed during World War II but a few of them managed to survive. The good thing was, the locals try to preserve its original Baroque architecture. Most of these old churches lie along the coastal towns of Southern Cebu and in Siquijor Island. There interiors were also marvelous as they were intricately decorated with marbles and other precious stones.

Old Churches of Philippines
Old churches of the Philippines

I may not be a religious person but I truly appreciate the old churches I have visited during my recent trips in Southern Cebu and Siquijor.

Bisita Iglesia is more fun in Cebu and Siquijor!

It's The Climb!

If you think that going to the beach is too mainstream, then why not try conquering the mountains? It can be a physically (and mentally) draining activity, most especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle, but I tell you, everything's worth it once you reach the summit. The Philippines is blessed with thousands of mountains and hills; at least there are so many to choose from! There are some mountains that are easy to climb such as Mount Pinatubo (crater lake trail) and Osmeña Peak while others require a great amount of strength and stamina.

Osmena Peak Cebu
Social climbing - it's more fun in the Philippines

Do some research before your scheduled climb. Maybe there are mountains or hills near you, waiting to be conquered. Know the dos and donts of a particular trail. And most of all, prepare at least one month before your scheduled climb.

Beach Bum

Summer in the Philippines won't be complete if you don't spend it on the beach. There are so many beaches in our country and it's more thrilling if you visit those underrated ones. I'd recommend the island of Siquijor for it had a number of beautiful beaches that are very clean and peaceful.

Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor is hard to resist. Yes? Or Yes?

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor
Take me to your beach! (Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor)

Summer Trips and Tricks at a Glance

This post is just an overview of how I welcomed summer last week. Stay tuned for these upcoming posts:

  • Cebu City Food Trip
  • Traveling in Style: The Taoist Temple (new section of my blog)
  • Church Hopping at Southern Cebu
  • Conquering Osmeña Peak of Cebu
  • Swimming with the Whale Sharks at Oslob (and some thoughts)
  • Where to Stay in Dumaguete City
  • Where to Stay in Siquijor (The Apocalyptic Way)
  • First Day at Siquijor
  • Tarzan-ing at Cambugahay Falls
  • Take Me To Your Beach: Salagdoong Beach
  • Lazi Church and the Convent
  • Tulapos Marine Sanctuary and Mangrove Tree House
  • The Best of Siquijor: My Favorite Shots
  • In Retrospect: The Epic Central Visayas Trip

Phew! Ang dami!

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Happy summer everyone!


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  3. Great post! Did you traverse to Kawasan Falls when you did your hike to Osmeña Peak?

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