Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Whaddup, homeslice?

And I made a promise that I should finish all of my backlogs after Christmas since I should start reviewing for the departure and arrival charts. Wow, talking about studying on a holiday break! Bummer. Well, it's not that I'm complaining... It's just, I always look forward for this much-awaited break. I got giddy when the plane finally landed at Davao! Nevertheless, I appreciated the true spirit of Christmas more than last year. I appreciated the presence of my family and relatives, celebrating noche buena together.

So yeah, what's up? I know that I haven't had any serious travels since August. But I'm going to share a bit of something about my new journey.

Predeparture area of Davao International Airport

The photo above was the last photo I took when I was still in Davao. I can still remember how I felt during that particular moment. It's just, I wasn't ready to leave my hometown yet... but there's no turning back. I have already made a decision to pursue this career and I'll do whatever it takes just to finish this. I have never been separated from my parents since birth and I'm literally attached to them. Life has been uber comfortable until I left Davao.

Adjusting to Manila's lifestyle wasn't difficult since I've been to the nation's capital for a million times already but I haven't experienced staying there for more than a week. The first few weeks was rough. New place, new environment and new people to meet and mingle. It was like college all over again (but actually, it's way way way harder than college).

Bonifacio Global City

Back then, I wasn't used to be offline for more than 24 hours. I always think about the unread mails, notifications and updates. And yeah, I even missed three or four important blogging events in which one was an international trip sponsored by a local airline. It was really frustrating, but I always think about my future and priorities in life (chos but true story bro).

The succeeding weeks started to get smooth. I eventually gained new friends from the class. It was fun meeting them actually! They (or we)  all came from different points of the country. It seems like everyone of us represents a province of our country! Truly, a very diverse batch.

Now the fun started when I came back from my short vacation in Davao last November. We had four scheduled exams and it was excruciatingly hard, I tell you. Some decided to quit while others were told to quit. There's a big difference between the two. More so, this kind of lifestyle continued for at least two months. New subjects per week, exams on either Friday or the Monday next week, it depends on the schedule.

Despite the stress, we managed to find ways to entertain ourselves. Our class started to become closer, changing the mood from tense to light. But wait, there's more! Almost every week, we had birthday celebrations and it only means two things - Pizza and Ice Cream!


Break time!

And as the days [and subjects] went by, time seemed to get faster than before... and voila, we have already finished the first phase of training. We were regrouped into three groups - Approach, Tower and Enroute. This time, the training got tougher and more serious. We've been like this for more than two months already and we shouldn't get intimidated by those tremendous requirements. Likewise, there are no shortcuts to the finish line. One should get pass through a series of obstacles before claiming the prize. That's how we learn about life.

Truth be told, I am more nervous and anxious for the second phase. But nonetheless, this is what I have learned since day one:

No matter how hard life is, remember to always put a smile on your face.

It's pretty obvious that I wouldn't be traveling 'til the fourth quarter of 2013 (or even up to the first quarter of 2014... who knows?). If reaching my lifelong dream requires me not to travel for at least one or two years, then so be it.

I'll take it.

Cheers everyone!

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