Friday, March 15, 2013

Missin' My Hometown

It has been a long time...

I was born and raised in a city where beaches and mountains meet, where people enjoy the abundant supply of fruits, vegetables and the freshest catch from the sea, and where a myriad of culture, tribes and beliefs unite as one. I would never trade My hometown to any other cities. No matter what happens, my heart belongs to Davao City.

Five months have passed since I moved here in Manila for my Air Traffic Control training. I never liked the idea of moving out and settle to other places for good, but I have no choice. It has been my childhood dream to become an ATC and I will just take it as a challenge to myself. For months, I tried to accept the fact that I am no longer in Davao; that I am gazillion miles away from Davao... oh wait... just a thousand kilometers but still... yeah. Life in Manila and Davao is really different, you know. Life in Manila is fast and people here never sleep at all!

Manila Approach radar facility. Too much traffic will kill you!
Area Control Center simulation room!


Today, my folks back home are celebrating ARAW NG DABAW. It sucks that for the first time, I am not there to celebrate it. Insert sad face here. But naaahhh, I can't hardly wait to go home this Holy Week!!! But first, I have to pass the first check-out of the Area Control Center. The first week of our evaluation was pretty tough. I still have to master the "art" of geographical, track and time separation. Wooohooo!

Now back to Araw ng Dabaw. The Davao Bloggers had their photowalk for the second time and I was so bitter that I can't join them. These are some of the things that we did last year! I so miss you guys!!!

Attended the very first photowalk of Davao Bloggers!

Tried some street foods in front of the City Hall and San Pedro Cathedral. Didn't worry about amoebiasis or what, the stalls were squeaky clean, mind you!

Hahaha!!! The Mara Clara pose!

Awww, I miss Davaooooo!!! This bitter post is brought you by Charantia. Elle-oh-elle.


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