Friday, August 23, 2013

The 2013 Kadayawan Festival Experience

Opening number at Abreeza

August is definitely the month of celebration and thanksgiving. Aside from turning a year older every first day of August, my beloved hometown, Davao City, celebrates the famous Kadayawan Festival every third week of the month.

I was really happy that after my graduation, I'd be flying home to Davao to experience this year's Kadayawan Festival!

I left Merville at around 12:30 AM. My flight was scheduled to leave Manila at 3:45 AM, so I have to be in NAIA Terminal 3 at one in the morning. Traffic was really bad along Villamor due to some road works. Good thing, the check-in counter was still open when I arrived at the airport. After watching the safety demo of the crew and reading the procedures written at the safety card, I immediately leaned against the window and fell into deep slumber. Zzzzzzz. The next thing I knew, we were already overhead Davao VOR, commencing for the instrument approach procedure.

I arrived home at around 6AM and slept 'til lunch time laek a bozz.

After lunch, I went to Abreeza Ayala Mall (ehem... my second home in Davao) and GOD I MISS MY FAVORITE TAMBAYAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD SO MUCH THAT I CRIED BUCKETS OF TEARS AND DIAMONDS!!! There was an event when I went there and some famous teen celebrities were there and the crowd suddenly went wild. The whole madness reminded me of the famous Jerusalem scene of World War Z. It was THAT chaotic sans the bites, explosions, and guns.

Sarah D: Hyper mode - ON!

Strolled a bit inside Abreeza and visited some shops to find some great shopping deals (HELLO?! SALE?!).

Next stop was Park Inn by Radisson behind SM Lanang Premier. Traffic was terrible (which was highly unusual) along JP Laurel Avenue near the Baptist Church and I believed that the traffic stretched as far as Cabaguio-Dumanlas junction (but who am I to complain? Nothing beats the rush hour traffic of EDSA). So we took the longer route and had finally arrived at Park Inn just in time. Teehee.

There, I met up with some travel bloggers from Manila who visited Davao for the Kadayawan Festival. It was my first time to dine at RBG Bar and Grill. For only Php 795/net (Lunch is only Php 595/net), you can eat as much as you want and try various dishes ranging from salad, Japanese, grilled, Filipino dishes, pastries, and a whole lot more.

My love for sushi and Crispy Pata!

And since we can't get enough with Davao food, we went to Lachi's, home of the best Sans Rival in town! We met up with some of the members of Cebu Bloggers and my co-members in Davao Bloggers as well. It was nice meeting them all! We all did some serious catch up, and talked about the latest news in the blogging community. Good times, good times.


Mom bloggers + Travel bloggers!

Davao City
Photo by: Ria Jose | Cebu-Manila-Davao Bloggers gathering at Lachi's

Last stop: DavCon Bazaar. The sad thing was, I didn't buy any stuff from the bazaar because 99.99% of the stores inside sell stuff that are exclusive for girls. But at least I get to try a refreshing drink from Cooley's (with Tequila, of course). Surprisingly, I loved it! The drizzle did not hamper our Kadayawan spirit. Even if I wasn't able to witness the Indak-indak event, I did not expect that I would still enjoy the Kadayawan Festival!

Photo by Lany | Cooley's!

Many thanks to RBG Grill of Park Inn by Radisson Davao and Lachi's for the yummy treat. And to all bloggers that I've met for the first time, HELLO! It was so nice to meet and to interact with y'all!

Can't wait to blog my Banana Beach adventure! Stay tuned!


  1. thank God the photo was not the meme-like! hahahah..missing you already renzy! see you (hopefully) soon!

    1. SARRRR! I'm gonna missss yewwww! Hahaha kailan kaya tayo ulit mag meet? Gosh, going back to Manila this Sunday night HUHUHUHU

  2. Can't believe I missed out on this year's Kadayawan Festival. This will be on my list next year!!


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