Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Sand, and the Waves, and You and Me

Life is Here.

The last time I went to the beach was two years. Say what? TWO FREAKIN' YEARS?! That's quite long considering that I live in an archipelagic state. If I were in Mongolia or any countries in Central Asia, going to the beach at least once a year is considered a big blessing. Due to my busy work schedule, I wasn't able to visit any beaches near my area (ehem ehem).

I know, such a bummer!

Prior to this, the nearest beach is the beachfront adjacent to Tacloban's Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport. Yep, it's so near that it's only less than a hundred meters from where I work. The calm blue sea is always inviting, a gruesome reminder that I'll never experience the pristine white sand beaches of Davao in the next five to ten years... or so I thought.

On the third night of my short but sweet vacation in Davao, my blogger friends planned to visit Costa Marina the following day. Easy boy mode: ACTIVATED because duh, it's an opportunity that I shouldn't miss! I didn't mind the early call time (7AM). Come to daddy, beach!

Fast forward, we arrived at the port half past eight in the morning. The weather was perfect, thank God. That day was really meant for me to visit the beach, a time to shake the stress away. And oh, did I mention that it was my first time to visit Costa Marina? The resort is just beside Paradise Island Resort. The latter is more famous and more crowded than the former. Upon arrival, I have once again fell in love with Samal Island. We both have a love-and-hate relationship and I wish not to elaborate it further because kapoy. The powdery white sand, and the blue-green water of Davao Gulf were so inviting.

Photo taken using my iPhone 5, panorama mode. Galing no? No need to stitch whatsoever.

And this one's from my DSLR na hastang bug-ata! Zzzzzz

Too bad, I didn't swim because my left shoulder hurt so bad brought about by excessive swimming the day before. My family and I went to Villa Mercedes to celebrate mom's birthday. The pool was big and I thought I could still manage to swim at least 3-4 laps. I only managed to finish 3/4 of a lap. Goodness, kulang na ako sa endurance! I guess I should dump my sedentary lifestyle. But no, kapoy uy! Lalala.

Back to our story, it was really a great time to relax and to be with my blogger friends. We talked almost anything under the sun and some future events of Davao Blogger Society. God, I miss being an officer! Hahaha! But yeah, it's about time to give the responsibilities to the new set of officers.

Of course, one shouldn't miss the food - deep fried sweet potatoes, pansit bihon, and fried banana.

Fart fest after eating.

Pinoy favorite!

Bihon madness!

Did some photoshoot with my one and only bibi Chamee (lolwhat) and her magical 50mm prime lens.

Kuya Joiners.

Promise, candid to. You can ask Chamee.

What I w[h]ore: POLO SHIRT and SHORTS. 

Lol. Stunning photos bib!

Our quick trip to Costa Marina was short but sweet. One of the things that I really love about the beaches in Davao is that they're very near and accessible from the mainland. The pump boat ride usually takes 10-15 minutes to reach this beach resort. Such paradise. Much wow! Doge will be happy if he happens to visit this place.

Yep. Doge Muchwow.


  1. ChameeRenz = Pambatong loveteam ng Davao!

    Sayang di ako nakasama. Too tired to wake up early :))

  2. Pambatong daw inyong loveteam! Bahog batong. Hahaha. #Alamnathis

    Huehue Renz! Grabe ang 2 years ha murag ako kay mag 2 years napod na wala kagawas sa Davao Region the land of Eagles...lalala! XD

    Lagi no, maka miss maging officer tapos kanang usahay ba, makalimot ko, makajoin ko'g paminaw or discuss sa mga future events. XD

    1. SEEN.

      HAHAHAHAJK. Laag pud outside Davao oi. Join ka sa trip ni Kuya Olan

  3. Hello! I stumbleupon your blog :) Ganda ng beach. Nice blog and posts nag back read talaga ako sa mga old posts mo. :D


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