Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Florida's Best Beaches

Florida beach. Photo by Melody Harrison Hanson | Flickr

You may think that beaches everywhere are composed of sea and sand, with some sun thrown in for good measure; so what makes Florida’s beaches so special, apart from the fact that Florida is known as The Sunshine State? The answer, like the devil, is in the detail: in Florida you will find some of the clearest and most sparkling blue and aquamarine seas, the finest white sands and the most warming rays of sunshine.

However, there are also other important ingredients when it comes to a great beach holiday. For example, Florida borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and therefore has an abundance of coastline that offers different kinds of experiences. Here are three Florida beaches that are special and unique.

South Beach, Miami

This is still the place to go for those who really want to be seen: South Beach is home to models doing photo-shoots, bikini-clad beachgoers and people who “have had work done.” It’s (perhaps) interesting that there are more plastic surgeons in this part of the US than anywhere else.

If you need to be where the “in” people are, this is the place for you. Among the fun things to do are taking Jetski and powerboat rides as well as watching the beach polo matches. This beach experience is definitely in the over the top bracket.

St. Pete Beach

For family-friendly activities, extreme watersports and excellent casual or fine dining experiences, one of the Bluegreen Resorts at St. Pete Beach on the west coast of Florida may be more to your taste. The soft, white sands are extremely alluring, plus there is an array of diving and fishing adventures that are yours for the asking. If you are thinking of buying into villa ownership at this resort you are destined for great vacations for years to come. The staff members are very attentive and the surroundings just couldn’t be more beautiful. You can buy with confidence and the process of purchase is simple to negotiate.  

It’s also completely acceptable to paddle around on a paddleboard, so this is a great vacation spot for families or groups of varying ages and abilities.

Sanibel Island

This is a beach for shellaholics – so if you adore shells and shell collecting, this is the beach holiday for you. The so-called “Sanibel stoop” was named for the pose people adopt when they bend down to pick up the many beautiful and fascinating shells on the wonderful beach here. 

The local shell museum has specimens from across the globe, and the preservation of wildlife is also a major feature of Sanibel Island. Try the boardwalks if you want to spot gopher tortoises, and be sure to respect the “gator crossings” on the bayside.


  1. Thanks for sharing this one Renz! I am reminded of my goals this year which is to hit more beaches for the whole year!

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