Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Last of Summer

Marabut, Samar
Caluwayan Palm Beach Resort
For most of us, summer is about to conclude unless if you're one of the victims of the academic calendar shift. Just last week, my mom and my grandmom flew all the way from Davao to Barugo, Leyte, my grandmom's hometown.

Here are some snapshots of my quick summer escapade in Leyte and Samar. And yep, #SummerSaSamar and #SamarOutThere are the two official hashtags of my last minute summer adventure because mapaso hinduro (it's sooo hot like OMG). Hurray! My Waray language skill is three pedestals higher than last year!

McArthur Park

We shall return.
Believe it or not, I haven't visited MacArthur Landing Memorial Park in Palo, Leyte even if I have been here in Tacloban for more than a year already. MacArthur Park is the famous site which commemorates the historic landing of Gen. Douglas "The Dawg" MacArthur and his BFFs in Leyte Gulf, in an effort to recapture Philippines from the Japanese occupation during the height of World War II. During the onslaught of Supertyphoon Yolanda in November 2013, one of its seven statues was knocked out from its base by the strong storm surge. It was restored weeks after the disaster.

San Juanico Bridge

The beautiful S-curve

San Juanico Strait
I was in awe the first time I saw San Juanico Bridge last year. According to my Sibika books back in my elementary days, the bridge connects the provinces of Samar and Leyte, which are both separated by the San Juanico Strait, believed to be the narrowest strait in the whole world.

Whenever I get the chance to cross the strait, I'd always take a photo of its beautiful angle, the classic S-curve.

Rafael's Farm and Garden Restaurant

Located in the Municipality of Babatngon, a 45-minute drive from Downtown Tacloban, this quaint garden restaurant is an ideal place for families to relax and unwind from the bustling city life. Their food is delicious and is not that expensive.

Caluwayan Palm Beach Resort, Marabut, Samar

Infinity Pool

Rock formation.
For the first time in forever, we had our team building activity, held at the aforementioned place. The resort was really awesome, thanks to its infinity pool, stunning limestone formations along the coastline, and a comfortable room. However, the only drawback was the internet and cellular signal. You need to climb the tallest coconut tree to acquire a better reception. But of course, the climbing-the-tallest-coconut-tree part was just a joke.

How about you? How did you spend your summer? Can't wait to hear it from ya, pirate!



  1. My summer? Waley haha wala akong beach or mountain trip. Puro Manila-Dagupan lang ako pero plano ko nang umarangkada ulit by June :D

    Nakapag-Biri ka na ba? Hope to travel with you again soon! No, wag Davao ulit haha hindi counted unless Bukidnon lol

    1. Mica! Sa rest house daw ni Kuya Andrew. Hahaha. Nope haven't been to Biri pa.

      Mark, samaaaa naaaa!

  2. Omg your photos are so nice! So serene places. I'm just from Leyte but I haven't even been to Samar. This world is so fine! I'm gonna add this on my list.

    Lou | wandersoul.co.vu

    1. Thanks, Lou! Naunahan pa kita sa Samar, to think I am from Davao. Hahaha


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