Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dreaming of Las Vegas

One of the things that I'd want to scrap out in my bucket list is to take a transpacific flight, experience jet lag, and visit the other side of the world - specifically North America! I bet almost everyone wanted to taste or better yet, live the American dream. Well, in my case I just want to experience what it feels like to be at the other side of the planet.

Being adventurous, I want to explore Las Vegas, Nevada. Every night, downtown Vegas shines like a precious gemstone. Like they always say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Here are the four things that I'd want to try in Vegas.

Small Scale World

In Las Vegas, you don't just experience its busy night life but you'll have the chance to be in other countries in just a few rides! Here, you can visit the replica of Eiffel Tower of Paris, France. You can get on top of it and enjoy the scenic view of downtown Las Vegas. You also have the chance to visit Venice, Italy at The Venetian! You can ride a gondola around the fake version of Venice. Well, close enough.

Cirque du Soleil

I've always wanted to watch their shows when I was still in Manila. They used to have regular shows at the Resorts World Manila. But due to monetary and work reasons, I didn't have the chance. I know, it's a sad story to tell. Thus, when I visit Las Vegas, I'll make sure that I won't miss one of the greatest shows on Earth. The best gymnasts perform here, including those who have competed at the Olympics. I am sure that it will be a night worth remembering.

Food Trip - The Las Vegas Way

As a certified food junkie, I'd always wanted to try the best food that Las Vegas could offer to its visitors. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a little bird told me that I should try the breakfast buffet of Wynn. She didn't provide further information about it but she told me that it's one of the best breakfast buffet in the world. I'd also want to try some French delicacies at Guy Savoy. A friend of mine claimed that they serve the most creative (and best tasting) French food in America.

Did you hear that? Well, that's the sound of my stomach, begging for food. Ugh. I hate that feeling.

Place your bets

Of course, the Las Vegas experience won't be complete without trying out some of their casinos! Gambling is the name of the game in Vegas. I've heard that Vegas offers the best casino games in the whole world! I'm not that fond of gambling but I'd definitely not miss this whenever I'm there.


Dreams do come true when you start working for it. Las Vegas, see you soon!

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