Sunday, September 20, 2015

Photo Diary: Hong Kong in 50mm

Downtown Hong Kong

Every time I ask my friends on what was the first country they've visited, majority answered Hong Kong. Well, it's primarily because of two things: Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park, and its close proximity from Manila, Philippines (it only takes an hour and forty-five minutes to reach Hong Kong, the same travel time when you fly from Manila to Davao).

Hong Kong was a former British colony until in 1997, it became a special administrative region of China granted with a full autonomy. Rapid economic developments were seen in the early 70s and even after it was formally handed over to China, Hong Kong still remains as one of the most important cities not only in Asia but also to the world. No wonder why it was dubbed as the Asia's World City. This special administrative region of China also serves as an important hub or transit in air travel, making their one and only international airport as one of the busiest and  highly revered airports in the world in terms of connectivity, and passenger comfort.

It was a long overdue trip. We first planned this last February 2014 during the Singapore Airshow 2014. Initial plan was to have the first FILDAC (Filipino Diecast Aircraft Collectors) raid in Hong Kong last November 2014, but it was shelved out due to some circumstances. Fast forward, we finally conquered Hong Kong and bought several diecast aircraft models from different stores in Hong Kong!

I only brought my 50mm prime lens because it's not that bulky and I really love its aperture. I didn't mind walking approximately 15,000 steps a day because it allowed me to see what it is really like to be in Hong Kong, even just for a few days. Commuting is not a problem here either because their public transportation system is highly efficient, just like Singapore.  Space is a valuable commodity in Hong Kong, thus towering skyscrapers loom over Hong Kong, except in the vicinity of Lantau Island where the airport resides.

Here are some photos I took while strolling around Hong Kong.

Arrival hall of HKIA.

Causeway Bay

Outside our hotel.

This way to the train station.

Where do these people come from?

Humans. So many humans.

Middle class residential building.

Rush hour.

Old school Chinese neon signages. Reminds me of a Chinese mafia of Kowloon.

Making your way downtown...

Look up!!!

They come in different colors.

Residential building.

Main street.

Strolling around.

Inside the cab.

A friendly note though: This is my second time of attempting street photography, the first one was in Saigon, Vietnam but Hong Kong is different because it's so much alive with human activities (though I'm not saying that Saigon is not that congested and all, but you do get my point, especially when you have been to both).


  1. Very vivid photos. No need for too many words - the pictures told your story well.

    Ivan Jose

    1. Thanks, Ivan! This is actually goal. Post photos that tell a story. :)

  2. I just realized that when you're in Hong Kong - all you do is WALK. EAT. SHOP. WALK SOME MORE AND EAT SOME MORE. :) I also posted our Hong Kong adventure in my blog. It was a good thing that I took some moving snapshots and made a video from it. :) Actually, I want to go back again to explore Ocean Park naman.

    1. Hi Karen! It really is true, especially the walking part. On average, I walked 15,000 steps a day! Intenseeee!


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