Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jo's Milagrina Chicken Inato

The residents of Tacloban City will never forget how Yolanda took everything from them - their properties, livelihood, and their loved ones. Two years have passed and the city is still on its road to recovery. They have shown to the world their resiliency and sheer determination to start literally from scratch.

Nonetheless, people who were once victims have learned to reshape the landscape of their beloved hometown. Today, more and more establishments have sprouted like mushrooms to answer the growing demands of the residents.

Ever since I got assigned here last March 2014, I have witnessed how the people of Tacloban helped one another to recover and rebuild the place they consider home. It was only during after the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival 2014 when several establishments, both new and old, opened simultaneously to serve the public. The first two months here in Tacloban was really hard. As a struggling adult, eating is one of my ways to combat stress. The problem were (i) I don't know how to cook and I hated the idea of doing it to be honest; and (ii) there were only a few restaurants or fast food chains at that time.

Weeks ago, my travel blogger friends (Atty, Lakad Pilipinas, and Blissful Guro) went to Tacloban and traveled all the way to Kalanggaman Island. Wish I was there with them but I have work (responsible adult problems lol). So I met up with the squad after their Kalanggaman Trip. Their itinerary in Tacloban includes discovering some of the city's new restaurants.

Just right across the busy street of Burgos in downtown Tacloban sat a fairly new restaurant. Jo's Milagrina Chicken Inato is just one of Tacloban's barbecue houses. Back in my hometown, barbecue restaurants are a common site but here? It's the opposite. Jo's Milagrina had this homey feel - a home away from home!

We met up with Apple, one of the owners of this franchise. These are the dishes that we tried:

Pinaputukang Bangus

Crispy Dinuguan

Deep fried Kangkong (my favorite)

I have to admit that I hate vegetables. My mom really had a hard time convincing me to eat veggies when I was young. I don't know what happened but after I tried Jo's Milagrina's deep fried kangkong... well, you've already figured that out. Another personal favorite is their crispy dinuguan. Well, it's self-explanatory. Who says no to the crispy pork rind swimming in a rich dinuguan sauce? No one. I repeat, NO ONE.

We also tried their signature chicken and pork barbecue meal, and pinaputukan na bangus (milkfish).

For desserts, we tried their creamy leche flan, buko pandan, and turon ala mode. Yum!

Apple told us that right after the onslaught of Yolanda, there was only one thing that the locals were looking for: food. This is somehow one of the reasons why there are a plethora of new restaurants opened in Tacloban. People here do not want to become hungry again.

A new wave of resilience and determination had shaped Tacloban into what it is today. I am proud to say that I've seen it.


Jo's Milagrina Chicken Inato
Burgos Street, Tacloban City, Leyte

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  1. Looks delicious!!! My friends and I are going to Tacloban this March and I'm so excited. Would definitely pay a visit to this place when we get there! :)

    1. Nice! There are so many new restaurants in Tacloban. It's actually a great place for food trip! :D

  2. Hi Renz! Thanks for sharing your experience at JO's Milagrina. Its always a pleasure to entertain friends and people we just met in a place we literally grew up in. We felt that this was the perfect venue to put up this business as it reminds us of our childhood days in this very same street.

    Im really glad you liked what we served you and at the same time kilig to learn that you've already found a few favorites. We hope to see you back as there are so many dishes that still needs to be discovered ������.

    1. You're welcome Apple! i'd be definitely be back there! :D


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