Monday, May 2, 2016

Why Choosing the Perfect Luggage is So Important on a Long Trip

Long trips are fun. Instead of cramming everything you want to see and do into a few measly days, you can take your time, explore new places, and travel to multiple destinations. 

Anyone under the age of 25 has probably been backpacking, or knows someone else that has, but age is only a number and if you want to undertake a long trip, you should definitely start planning your itinerary. Of course long trips don’t have to follow the traditional backpacking trails around Southeast Asia. Plenty of people go on road trips across the U.S. or explore Europe by car or rail. The opportunities are endless, but you do need to take the right luggage – something along the lines of Rimowa suitcases will do just fine.

The Benefits of Wheeled Suitcases

Rolling luggage is a relatively new invention. Once upon a time, suitcases were bulky, heavy, and not easy to manoeuvre. Without the aid of a handy trolley, your only option was to carry it around using the handle provided. 

This was problematic for many travellers; not least those who had packed everything but the kitchen sink. These days it is a lot easier. Most decent quality suitcases come equipped with wheels, so you can roll your case along instead of lifting it. 

Rolling Luggage

Rolling luggage is smaller than a suitcase, which makes it ideal for long trips where you are intentionally travelling light. Rolling luggage fits into aeroplane overhead lockers, so you can leave the airport upon arrival in record time. Taking a small rolling suitcase is sensible for people who can’t carry heavy bags or have a full itinerary of multiple flights to multiple destinations. 

Backpacks with Wheels

Wheeled backpacks are a useful alternative to rolling luggage and larger suitcases. Rucksacks have multiple compartments and lots of handy straps for jackets, sleeping bags and anything else you can’t bear to live without.

You will need to check-in a large rucksack when you fly, wheels or no wheels, but they are easy to move around in airports or cities. And if you end up in a place where wheeling a rucksack around is not practical, you still have the option of strapping it to your back in the traditional manner.


Always pack a smaller daypack when you travel far and wide. Handbags may be fine for city mini breaks or summer holidays, but for long trips, a small daypack is more practical.

Day packs are just like a rucksack, but smaller. Look for no-frills day packs with handy compartments for water bottles, guide books, sun cream and insect repellent. Carry your day pack on your back when negotiating hiking trails or perilous ruined temples, or pick it up by the carry handle when climbing on to tour buses or boats. 

Embarking on a long trip is likely to be a learning curve. All the items you thought you couldn’t live without will probably end up being discarded somewhere along the way, and you won’t even miss them.

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