Saturday, June 18, 2016

Photo Diary: MNL, PH

There is something about Manila. As much as I hate experiencing its notorious gridlock traffic, I will always keep on coming back to Manila. Heck, I wasn't even born and raised there! My recent trip in Manila wasn't really part of my original plan but, yeah, you figured it already. Talking about spontaneity.

It was my first time to attend Toycon 2016. I'm not into cosplays, and other otaku and kawaii stuff. The only reason why I went there was to support my friends in FILDAC (Filipino Diecast Aircraft Collectors). Hobbiestock, one of the leading diecast stores in the Philippines, had a promo. They were selling 75 units of Philippine Airline's diecast model (1:200) of their B777-300ER aircraft with a registration of RP-C7775. On top of that, it comes with a 75 years special livery. Good thing the kuripot in me resisted to buy one (heller, it's PHP4,800 and I'm only a 1:400 collector). Haha! But anyway, I really had fun despite the huge crowd at SMX Convention. You know how I abhor huge crowd.

Apart from that event, the reason why I went to Manila is to satisfy my shopping needs and food cravings. I don't shop like those rich kids in Crazy Rich Asians but I was looking for some pants that would fit me really well at either Uniqlo or H&M. After the quest of finding the great pants (which was a success by the way, thank you for asking), I got the chance to eat a lot of different cuisines that weren't found in Tacloban like Thai, Korean, and Taiwanese. Ugh, who can't say no to unlimited samgyupsal, xiao long baos, egg tarts, and kimchi?

Well, here are some of the photos from my recent trip in Manila. All photos were taken using my iPhone 6 Plus. Special thanks to Jay and the rest of the gang for the genuine hospitality.

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