Friday, October 14, 2016

Chasing Security as a Travel Blogger

Being a travel blogger is a job that values freedom more than security. You can’t really expect a steady stream of income and to spend most of your time traveling the world. Don’t get me wrong, travel blogging can be a very rewarding occupation. Some famous bloggers even earn six-figure incomes on a regular basis.

If you still want security, however, there are some additional things you would want to do as you travel to the best destinations in the world. We’re going to take a look at those extra things right here in this article.

(Learn to) Take Great Pictures

The photos you take as you travel the world are great investments that will help you build a secured future. The better you are at taking pictures, the more sources of income you will be able to discover. You can easily fund your trips by selling photos of the destinations you have visited, and you may even start earning more than you could possibly imagine.

A good tip to follow is to avoid royalty-free stock photo sites. They pay so little for your photos and may not even generate enough attention to your work. Sites like Getty Images are far better and friendlier to travelers. As long as you can meet their standards, you can build a strong portfolio and a source of steady income.

Destination Marketing

Being able to visit a destination for free is another one of the perks of being a traveler and travel blogger. Don’t stop there, though. Instead of just reporting on the destination the way you would write any other blog post, try to take it up a notch and perform complete destination marketing.

You can post a travel vlog or video highlights to get started, followed by an accompanying blog post on how to get to the destination, the exciting activities that can be found there and much more. Provide as many resources as possible so that other blogs and websites are linking to your post for more information.

You can also do the entire trip live thanks to social networks like Periscope and Instagram Stories. With high user engagement, more destinations will encourage you to visit. A lot of professional travelers are already charging for destination marketing; you can too!

Go Back to School

This last tip may not be related to traveling, but it’s a great safety net to have if you want more security in life. A lot of universities are now opening their online learning programs to more students from all around the world. Even top universities like Arizona State University have their own online learning programs you can join.

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