Monday, December 12, 2016

Travel OOTD

Traveling does not just give you opportunities to experience new cultures and see the world in a different perspective, it also gives you the opportunity to mix and match your preferred outfit, depending on the prevailing climate or weather. In this day and age, having a stylish outfit without compromising comfort is a must. Here are some of the outfits I wore in three different seasons.

Spring in Taipei

Taiwan is an underrated country. Dubbed as the Heart of Asia, Taiwan offers breathtaking views of the surrounding seas and cliffs, grand Buddhist temples, and old villages nestled at the foot of the mountains of Taiwan. February and March are the best months to visit Taiwan. During these months, the average temperature is only 12-15 degrees Celsius. Wearing at least two layers of clothing is a must because the wind can be quite unforgiving, especially when you explore the mountainous regions of the country.

Sweater: Penshoppe, Blue Oxford Shirt: Uniqlo, Slim-fit pants: Uniqlo, Shoes: Adidas.

Sweater: Terranova

Pro Tip: Invest in a good pair of jeans. It keeps you warm, and it doesn't go out of style! I recommend high-quality jeans from Levi's, H&M, and Uniqlo.

Summer in Bangkok and Bali

Like in the Philippines, it is hot and humid in Bangkok and Bali all year round! The best way to explore these cities is to wear stylish yet comfortable outfit. I usually wear neutral-colored polo or oxford shirts and paired with a slim-fit shorts and boat shoes or sneakers. Although, when exploring religious places like temples, try to be modest. There are some temples that provide sarongs to cover your knees.

Polo shirt: Regatta, Slim-fit shorts: Mango Man, Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger

Shirt: Regatta, Slim-fit shorts: Mango Man, Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger

Polo shirt: GAP

Autumn in Japan

Autumn is the best season to visit Japan. The humidity is lower than in the summer season, the temperature is at its comfortable level, and the foliage starts to change its color, perfect for an OOTD backdrop. When I went there last October, the foliage was still green, but there were patches of orange and red. The average temperature that time was around 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, even if the sky was blue and cloudless, and the sun was shining brightly. I wore at least two to three layers of clothes to protect me from the biting cold. It was colder in Lake Ashi at around 12 degrees.

Double-breasted coat: Don Quijote, Shoes: Taiwan made, Light denim Oxford shirt: Uniqlo, Slim-fit pants: Uniqlo

Gray blazer: Memo, Oxford shirt: Memo, Slim-fit khaki pants: Uniqlo, Shoes: Taiwan made

Pro Tip: Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but there are several establishments that sell cheap products. I bought a double-breasted coat at Don Quijote, a 5-floor department store in Roppongi, for only JPY 2500 (or PHP ~1200). 

Up next: Winter Wonderland OOTD. I have yet to complete the winter OOTD next month. I'll be exploring Osaka, Busan, and Seoul. Truly, traveling had taught me about the art and the importance of OOTD. I kinda love it.


  1. Always in style, I LIKE. Keep it up!

  2. Nice.. UNIQLO is a fusion of comfort and style.. OOT..How about Hongkong OOTD during December? Any suggestions ?!? Keep it up Sir. :)

    1. Hi sir rom! Two layers ra, coz it's not super cold in Hongkong. Yung avg temperature nasa 13-16C.

  3. You're such a fashionable traveler. I guess it's important too since you'll be capturing a lot of memories on your trip so might as well look great.

  4. Nice OOTD pics. I'm amazed on how you still managed to look great when traveling :)

  5. omg love all your outfits! Also love the quality of your photos.

  6. Can't wait for your winter OOTD! :)


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