Sunday, January 29, 2017

Taking Travel Blogging to the Next Level

As a travel blogger who is always on the go and has a regular day job, it really is challenging to keep my blog updated. Usually, after my trip, I feel exhausted and drained. My creativity is at its lowest, and sometimes it is very hard for me to compose draft blog posts. I can no longer think of a proper sentence or even phrases to write! There are times that I get uninspired and lazy that I completely forget to update my blog, which is unfortunate because I love blogging—for me, it’s my #PiattosTime! 

Lately, I am challenging myself to bring my #PiattosTime blogging to the next level. I have already devised some ways to combat indolence and to add some creativity juice. Here are some:

1) Browse photos of your previous trip

The photos that I took during my trip will bring me back to that place. Those fleeting moments allow me to relive those moments that transpired during my trip, even if at a short period of time. Viewing my photos in a chronological order allows me to somehow create a draft of my narrative. By the way, I’m more of a “tell us how your trip went” kind of travel blogger, so it’s very important for me to remember all those details, even the minute ones. The photos can be a great help.

2) Create some teasers of your trips on my social media accounts

After browsing my photos, I post some of the best on my social media i.e., Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, following a short write up about the photo and a link to my travel blog. Through this, some of my readers will have an idea what I’m going to write in the next few days or weeks.

3) Fuel your brain by eating something

Back in college, I thought eating while studying or writing my term papers wouldn’t help because you can’t serve two masters at the same time. No, I was wrong. Completely wrong. I realized that I’m the type of person who can’t work properly with an empty stomach. Today, whenever I start writing my draft posts or cross-processing my photos, I always have a cup of coffee and my favorite Piattos snack (sour cream flavor please) on my side.

How about you? Do you experience the same #BloggerProblem? How do you boost your creativity and level up your #PiattosTime? I can’t wait to hear some stories from you guys. Share them with me in the comments section below. 


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