Sunday, February 5, 2017

Level Up 2017 with Piattos

There are a lot of reasons to be grateful this 2017. I was lucky that 2016 brought me to a lot of places and I had the chance to savor various cuisines in Asia, experience new cultures, and see the world in a different perspective.

I’m all set to make 2017 even more fruitful, memorable and enjoyable. Here are my own tips for making this happen:

1) Treat your goals as something that you really, really want, and that you will be able to achieve. Pinning some photos of your dream destinations on your cork board or journal can be a great motivation. Believing in yourself is the first step to being successful. Remember that we always set and achieve huge goals for themselves all the time.

2) Just because your friend has a personal goal, doesn’t mean you should follow those too. Do not pick goals just because it’s trendy. There are goals that may work for you, but not to your friend and vice versa. Ask yourself - will it bring success to your personal growth, career, and family? This brings us up to the third item…

3) Execute a plan that would work for you. Don’t worry if your plans won’t work for your friend because it is YOU who are in control with your goals for next year.

4) It really helps when you write your plans in your journal. Trust me, it does wonders.

5) Find ways to monitor the progress of your goals and plans. As 2017 progresses, make sure that you list every positive result that you gain. These will help you stay motivated.

6) Believe that you can achieve it. It is only YOU who can execute these goals. Trust me, it feels really great when you achieve your goals.

7) When planning, don’t forget to include some great stuff along! When I plan, I always make sure I have Piattos on my side. It fuels my creativity, and it helps me motivated.

Leveling up my 2017 is my idea of a great #PiattosTime. Care to share how you’re planning to take your year to the next level?


  1. Yeah! Great list. I did No.1 which I always put a sticky note about my dreams/things to inspire on my board or desktop. I don't really have a goal but I truly believe that we need something as a guide to path us to a success!

    Anyway, hope you will achieve each of your goal this year!

    from Malaysia :)

    1. Started the year right by becoming #SnowBae. HAHAHAHA. Thanks Pojie. Looking forward to travel with you in the future. Team ASEAN! Woot woot! Greetings from the PH too.


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