Friday, November 24, 2017

Autumn OOTD in Seoul

Autumn is officially my favorite season. It is not too cold and not too hot thus, I can wear layers of clothes, something that I can't do in the Philippines because it's forever hot and humid here. My autumn OOTDs aren't just for the sake of fashion, it's more of comfort as it kept me warm and comfy throughout my trip.

Here are some of the outfits I wore during my autumn adventure in Seoul, South Korea.

Nami Island

What I Wore:

I wore only three layers of clothes here. Truth be told, I was underdressed because the highest temperature that time was only 7 degrees Celsius. I should've worn my HeatTech undershirt. I was feeling cold that time, but that didn't stop me from striking a pose! LOL. Actually, for the whole outfit, everything was bought from Uniqlo. The navy blue smart casual jacket costs PHP 2990 and I really loved its material - light and keeps you warm during the cold season. The gray cashmere pullover was also perfect for this cold weather, and it felt light even if I wore it on top of my long sleeves. The khaki skinny fit pants were also from Uniqlo, but I bought it two years ago. I bought those cute socks in Sydney last October because they were on sale. As for the leather shoes, I got it from SM Department Store.

It felt like I took a break from my client's meeting. LOL!

Journey to the Past

What I Wore:

Seoul is a big city. Thank God, its mass transportation system is so efficient that it's not a big deal traveling from every corner of this bustling metropolis. Since it got colder on our second and third day in Seoul, I decided to wear four layers of clothes. I bought my brown coat in Tokyo, Japan last year for only JPY2000 (~Php 900). It was on sale in Don Quijote, so I grabbed it right away! The inner clothes were all from Uniqlo, and my pants were bought from H&M last year (I got a sweet deal on H&M Denpasar). This is the outfit I wore while strolling around the parks, palaces, and museums of the city.

Laidback City

What I Wore:

Coats can be sometimes heavy. There are jackets that are lightweight but allow heat to retain which keep you warm on cold days of autumn. When I went to Sydney last month, I bought an ultra lightweight jacket at Uniqlo. I chose the navy blue color because it is easy to pair with jeans. This is probably one of the most comfortable outfits I wore during my trip.

Next year, I am planning to spend the autumn season in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan, or in Toronto, Canada, or both. HAHAHA! So help me God.


  1. Ahjussi to Oppa real quick! Ganahan ko sa coat!!!! <3

    1. Bought this coat last year sa Donki. Discounted pa jud! Ganahan pud ko ana.

  2. The pictures are so beautifully taken. Thanks for sharing with us!


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