Sunday, December 31, 2017

My 2017 in 10 Photos

Who would've thought that I'd survive 2017? I still can't believe that the year 2017 is about to end in the less than 24 hours. I can truly say that 2017 is my most traveled year. It's not just about traveling to different places, but the year was wholly about my personal journey.

2017 was a paradigm shift. My travel goals weren't just fixed on where to go next. This year, it doesn't matter at all. It's just when you're traveling with the different group of people, the experiences will be different regardless if you've visited the destination twice, or even thrice. I am thankful that I finally know who I want to travel in the near future. Clearly, it's not about the destination, it's all about the experience.

This is also the year when I started producing vlogs (video blogs). I wanted to start earlier, but I was really reluctant because I really think that talking in front of my camera in public is really awkward. But because almost all of the members of my DBS fam are starting doing it and most of them are convincing me to start producing vlogs, I eventually gave in to the idea. Fast forward, I produced nine video blogs on my YouTube Channel, and I'm happy to say that I'm receiving a lot of positive remarks on my videos. Well, all those sleepless nights on editing and rendering my videos was really worth it. Not to mention that I bought a new laptop and a mirrorless digital camera just to make my videos better as the day goes by. I couldn't be thankful enough to those people who pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. Thank you, you all know who you are.

2017 was a mix of good and bad, but I think the good overcame the bad ones, so cheers for that! Without further ado, these are the ten highlights of my 2017.

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Autumn in Seoul, South Korea

Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Taipei, Taiwan

Boracay, Philippines

Winter in Nami Island, Seoul, South Korea

Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Samal Island, Philippines

Autumn in Nami Island, Seoul, South Korea

Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, AU
Central Business District, Sydney, Australia

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Here's to more destinations, more blog posts, and more vlogs this 2018! Happy New Year, everyone! I am hopeful that 2018 would be an awesome year.

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