Monday, February 25, 2019

Tried and Tested Tricks For Cheap Travel

Traveling may seem to be an expensive and luxurious hobby. But then why are there thousands of travelers who never seem to stop? It only means they do traveling very differently, they travel cheap, but still, create a fulfilling travel experience.

Don’t let money stop you from traveling. With the right tricks and mindset, travel is possible without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the tried and tested tips for budget travel you have to start doing now. Happy travels!

Stay alert on seat sales

The cheapest airfare deals are mostly unannounced unless you’re subscribed to their websites and be part of their mailing list. Most airlines conduct seat sales that bring down the base fare to just one peso! Don’t miss out on these deals by staying alert on their emails. And when they say the sale is happening on a certain date, book your flights at 12:01 am so seats won’t run out!

Choose cheaper accommodations

Hotels are expensive. Period. They’re fine if you’re seeking for a staycation or a relaxing break with your loved one or family members. But if you’re trying to save money and aim to maximize your travel experiences by seeing more of the place, then a hostel is the answer to your dilemma. Hostels are super cheap but provide the same services as hotels. There are options for shared rooms where you can meet fellow travelers and even make new friends. Which makes the whole experience even more memorable.

Try a different mode of transport

Don’t limit yourself to traveling by air, there are a lot of cheaper ways to travel. You can ride a ferry, a bus, or a combination of both. Travel time may take longer but you can save loads of money from it. You may also opt to ride non-air-conditioned transportation for cheaper costs.

Create an itinerary

Spontaneous travel seems to be more exciting, but only if you have extra cash. Creating an itinerary is not simply deciding on which place to go first, but it’s as extensive as researching on the best and cheapest places to go or the best and cheapest way on how to get there. Creating an itinerary requires a lot of time prior to the trip but totally worth the effort because of the money you can save on your travel.

Cook/Bring your own food

It may be inconvenient and time-consuming, cooking or bringing your own food is an absolute money saver! Restaurants tend to overprice especially in touristy areas and this is one major money stealer when it comes to traveling. Plus, this trick also encourages you to shop in the place’ local market allowing you to fully experience the vibe of the place.

Book Accommodations in advance

Booking your accommodations a day or a week before your stay can be challenging as sometimes you are left with only a few options. So, booking your accommodations in advance is a smart move when you’re trying to save money. Booking early provides you a wide array of choices so you can always choose the cheapest ones.

Pack properly

The importance of packing properly cannot be emphasized enough!
Aside from avoiding payment for excess baggage fees, which by the way might equal the cost of your food allowance for the whole trip already, you can also prevent unnecessary expenses from buying things you forgot to bring. Creating a checklist of everything you need for the trip before packing is extremely helpful. Remember that convenience stores are not always available everywhere.

Travel in low season

Prices jump considerably during holidays and the summer season. So, if you can manage traveling offseason, grab it! Traveling in low season means cheaper airfares and accommodations. Plus, you can take advantage of lesser people!

Research and be Ready

Would there be ATMs? What are the available modes of transport? Should you stay in the city center or outside? These are just examples of what you need to research on before your trip.

You have to research everything so you can get the best value for your hard-earned money while maximizing your travel experience. So, conduct thorough research, read blogs, ask tips from friends who have been there, etc. Being prepared for a trip can save you a lot of time and money. It’s that important.

Use these simple tips for your next escapade for a cheaper but deeper travel experience.

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