Monday, December 20, 2021

A Short Staycation At K Lebrix Lakehouse

Since last year, it has been a tradition of my close colleagues to organize a getaway somewhere far from the metropolis. You know, it's one of our ways to destress aside from discovering new coffee shops, restaurants, and bars around the area, as self-proclaimed food adventurers we are.

And off we go to the place I've never heard of before. I was excited because it's been a while since I've embarked on an adventure, especially in this crazy post-pandemic era.

My friends and I left Manila at around half past eleven in the morning. We had a brief stop at SLEX and ate Chowking Lauriat with so much gusto because I only had coffee before leaving Makati. It took us at least three hours before we reached our destination. We passed by several Laguna Province towns like Pagsanjan and Calamba– places mentioned a few times in my grade school history classes. It felt like a trip down a memory lane as we passed by old churches and houses.

Cavinti, Laguna is situated in the western part of the province. Immediately to the north is the Quezon Province. This place, dotted with lakes, marshlands, and forest, enjoys cooler weather. I have never been to this part of the province, so it's safe to say that I kept my expectations at bay.

We got our luggage and food upon arrival and waited for someone. We thought it was a friend of one of our colleagues who wanted to join us, but it turned out to be our former colleague who flew from Abu Dhabi! What a pleasant surprise! It felt it was a reunion trip for everyone. We were in a festive mood as we hiked to the lake's shore. A small pump boat was waiting for us. It was past five in the afternoon, and the sun was quite low on the horizon, casting a golden glow on our surroundings.

The pump boat ride to the lake was calm, serene, and breathtaking. We passed by a few huts, fish cages, and a flock of egrets. As we neared the lake house, everyone was cheering in excitement. The photos and videos online didn't do any justice as it was beautiful. Well, if there's an adjective that could better describe the place other than beautiful, then that's the word.

We quickly settled our stuff, prepared our meals, and the rest was history. The entire island is suitable for 10-12 pax, but we were only nine, so more space for us! K Lebrix Lakehouse is a private island right in the middle of Lake Lumot. It has a bungalow with three bedrooms, and each bedroom comes with a private bathroom. Guests can also sleep at the tents or wooden teepees just within the property. We reveled for three days and two nights by doing water activities in the lake, swimming, and playing games inspired by Squid Games. 

We enjoyed our stay at K Lebrix Lakehouse for three days and two nights. I am glad we made time to make this trip possible. It's one of the best staycations that we had for this year.

PS: All videos and photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro.

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