Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Summer in La Union

A famous line from Robert Frost says that for you to grow, you need to take the road less traveled. However, it is not about your journey but about who you were with. So, my friends and I decided to spend a few days and nights at La Union, commonly known as Elyu. In this blog, we will discover what draws the city-dwellers, like us, to this beautiful and quaint town of the north. Let's find out about the beautiful province of La Union.

In a group of friends, there will always be a navigator or a designated driver, the sweet one, the one who manages the travel finances, the one who does the vlogging, and the one who has a lot to say. 

In the Ilocos Region, La Union is the gateway to Ilocano's rich cultural heritage. San Juan, one of its coastal towns, is a famous backpacker destination known for surfing, its thriving art industry, and its culture. It was a long weekend then, so we took the opportunity. However, everyone from the city was driving to the north! The drive to Elyu was around six hours, and we stayed around the San Juan area. After our heavy lunch, we went to our homestay and napped. Just before sunset, we decided to chill at one of the town's bars, Kabsat. We ate good food there, drank iced cold beer, and enjoyed the great vibe.

On our second day, we drove at least an hour to the man-made forest of San Juan. Like the man-made forest in Bohol, this is also an initiative by the local government for its reforestation project. Not to mention, it looks stunning and relaxing in one's eyes. If you're looking for unique accommodation, then Bahay na Bato is your place. This traditional Filipino house is made entirely of stones, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to stay for a night or just want to take a peek inside, Bahay Na Bato is well worth a visit!

The Baluarte is a 400-year-old watch tower facing the western coast of Luzon, Philippines. Built during the Spanish Period, a 5.6-meter high tower made of reddish bricks structure located at Brgy. Victoria in the municipality of Luna. Spaniards created the tower as a lookout point for the approaching attacks of Japanese, Chinese, and Moro pirates and other conquerors of the coastal towns of La Union.

We also had a quick stop at Masa, an unassuming restaurant that looks like a warehouse from the highway but serves surprisingly good food. Since it was a long weekend, we went to Flotsam Jetsam Hostel and found our spot early, as we will spend the rest of the night here partying!

Meanwhile, some of us tried our luck in a surfing lesson. But unfortunately, all of the instructors were fully booked. But hey, that didn't stop us from enjoying the big waves of La Union. At night, we partied and enjoyed each other's company like there was no tomorrow!

Most of us are doing revenge travel, whether domestically or abroad. It is innate to us to move around, whether to find ourselves or to rekindle friendships that were once limited to video and online calls. La Union creates this vibe that no other place in the Philippines can replicate.

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