Saturday, November 11, 2023

Back in Hong Kong after 8 years

Nestled along the southern coast of China, Hong Kong stands as a vibrant metropolis where East meets West, seamlessly blending traditional Chinese culture with the dynamic pace of modern urban life. 

From its bustling markets and culinary delights to its lush green landscapes and iconic Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong captivates visitors with its diversity and energy, making it a captivating destination that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation. 

Join me on a journey to explore the multifaceted allure of Hong Kong, a city that encapsulates the spirit of dynamism and cultural fusion.

This trip was supposed to be a Coldplay concert, but we didn't score tickets for some reason. Instead, we flew to Hong Kong for a quick getaway. We chose to stay in the Kowloon area, near Olympic Station as it's very accessible.

First stop, the sneaker street. If you're a sneaker-head like me, this place is heaven. The stores sell at a discounted price, so it's a great deal!

After some retail therapy, we went to Victoria Harbour and admired the Hong Kong skyline's bright lights. 

I've never been to Disneyland Park before, but I'm glad my mom took me here.

I felt like a kid again! Not gonna lie, but I truly enjoyed every moment of it. Once in a while, you need to let go of some of life's worries and just be grateful for the present moment. That's what my trip to Disneyland taught me.

And of course, the much-awaited fireworks at night. I was dead tired the entire day because the heat was unforgiving, but the fireworks and light display were truly majestic. My mom and I felt emotional during the 20-minute show. When in Disneyland, one shouldn't miss the fireworks and light displays.

Now, let's explore the outskirts of the city and visit the Ngong Ping Village on Lantau Island. Set on a scenic 1.5-hectare site on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, and adjacent to Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Village is a culturally themed village designed and landscaped to integrate into the scenic nature of Ngong Ping. On top of shopping, dining, and entertainment, this “must-see” Hong Kong attraction also boasts two themed attractions – “Motion 360” and “Walking with Buddha”.

As the days passed, I realized that this trip with my mom was more than just a vacation; it was an opportunity to strengthen our bond. We navigated the bustling streets together, faced the challenges of deciphering a foreign language, and celebrated the triumphs of discovering hidden gems off the beaten path. Our shared experiences in Hong Kong created a tapestry of memories that would forever be woven into the fabric of our relationship.

As we bid farewell to Hong Kong, I carried not just souvenirs in my luggage, but a newfound appreciation for the moments shared with my mom. The realization dawned upon me that travel, especially with loved ones, has the power to transform not only the way we see the world but also the way we connect with those who matter most. Hong Kong wasn't just a destination; it was a canvas upon which the colors of our shared experiences painted a picture of a trip that would be etched in our hearts forever.

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