Friday, February 23, 2024

What we Can Learn About Travelling From Famous YouTubers

Have you ever thought of traveling full-time like those awesome YouTubers? Some of us can only dream, but the reality is there for some! If you’ve decided to take the plunge and travel full-time, there are many things to consider and travel hacks that can help you make the most out of your new lifestyle. Let’s dive deeper into some of these travel hacks and unique lives that are tried and tested by some of the most well-traveled YouTubers. Now, these are only for reference and could help you decide on your style of travel and how you want to go about it. 

We will look at three traveling couples sharing their experiences: Eamon and Bec, Kara and Nate, and Raya and Louis. All 3 of these travel-loving couples have seen more of their fair share of the world, and we can learn something from them. 

Eamon and Bec

Eamon and Bec have been at this since 2017, and let me tell you, they’ve picked up more than a few tricks along the way. They’re the kind of people who turn a van into a cozy, eco-friendly home on wheels. And their journey is not just about seeing the world; it’s about living sustainably and enjoying every bit of it. They’ve racked up over 1.3 million subscribers, and it’s no wonder why – their content is the perfect mix of adventure, humor, and an eco-friendly lifestyle​.

But it’s not all just about the van. These two are about chasing dreams, big or small (tiny homes, anyone?). Their mission? To inspire you to go after what you want. Whether starting a YouTube channel, kicking off a product-based business, or just rerooting your life, they’re all about giving you that push to make it happen. And let’s not forget the cooking – they’ve even got a digital cookbook Everyday Eats, with over 50 plant-based recipes that are as easy to create as they are delicious. Vegan food in a van, made simple and delicious – who would’ve thought?

So, what can we learn from these two? For starters, you can remember to give back to the community no matter where you find yourself in the world. 

Kara and Nate

Now, these travel giants have perfected travel to a tee. They’ve even launched their travel website named The Daily Drop. They help you have the best experience possible at the lowest cost possible. Now, I know you have probably heard a lot about travel hacking and how to get cheaper flights, but this is the real deal when you want to save money. 

Diving deep into their travel hacks, Kara and Nate are all about making travel affordable and accessible through clever strategies like travel hacking. Before their departure, they accumulated over 2 million miles and points, a stash that saved them more than $20,000 in travel costs. Their blog is a treasure trove of insights on leveraging miles and points for almost free travel, sharing the strategies they’ve mastered over the years.

Regarding credit cards, Kara and Nate are pros at picking the best ones for travel perks. They’ve curated a list of top credit cards offering rewards that can be transformed into free or heavily discounted travel experiences. From earning substantial bonus points upon sign-up to enjoying benefits like no foreign transaction fees, cell phone protection, and rental car insurance, their recommendations are geared towards maximizing travel benefits while minimizing costs.

You can even learn something about secure internet while traveling with a VPN. Ever wondered how to get American Netflix in Canada? Look at getting a VPN, and you’ll stream your favorite shows quickly. 

We can learn an immense amount of travel stuff from Kara And Nate. After all, they’ve traveled to over 100 countries, so check out their social media to stay updated.

Raya and Louis

YouTubers like Raya and Louis often share their travel experiences, tips, and insights that can be incredibly beneficial for couples seeking full-time travel. Through their videos, you can gain practical advice on budgeting, destinations, overcoming challenges on the road, and sustaining a nomadic lifestyle. Their personal stories and experiences can serve as a source of inspiration and a valuable resource for planning, packing, and making the most of travels worldwide, especially with a baby. 

And if you are vegan, that’s a bonus. These YouTubers always find the best vegan restaurants wherever they go! Their simple but culturally rich lifestyle can teach us all a thing or two about caring more for the planet while still embracing change. 

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