Bucket List

Update: January 28, 2014

Since almost everyone in the travel blogosphere has this section on their blog, I decided to put up this new section last night after revamping my site.

Well, here goes nothing. Gonna put a strike-through once I've accomplished it.
  1. Visit India, no matter what it takes.
  2. Eat deep-fried insects. I think that's somewhere in Thailand and Cambodia?
  3. Do some serious temple-run activities in Borobodur Temple in Indonesia and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. *Angkor Wat - Sept. 2014; Borobodur Temple August 2015*
  4. Take a photo of Hachiko's statue at Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo, Japan. *Oct 2016*
  5. Visit Pyongyang, North Korea. I know this is going to be hard, but still...
  6. Skydiving!
  7. Bungee jumping at Macau Tower.
  8. Road trippin' in Mongolia.
  9. Visit Nepal and Bhutan.
  10. Climb Mount Apo, the highest peak of the Philippines! It's so ironic that my hometown's only 2-3 hrs away from that sleeping giant.
  11. Wakeboarding. I know right? Such a loser for not trying it... YET.
  12. Surfing. I was so stupid of NOT trying it when I went to Baler, Aurora last March 2012! Gah.
  13. Oh, oh, oh! How about visiting Batanes group of islands? Too bad airfare's more expensive than going to Hongkong, or even in Bangkok, Thailand!
  14. Visit Burj Al-Khalifa in Dubai. Don't care what the correct spelling is. LOL
  15. Visit some famous theme parks in the world like Tokyo Disneyland, Hongkong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Universal Studios of Singapore, Lotte Park of Seoul.
  16. Finished at least one bottle of Soju on a Korean winter night. Might as well eat their live octopus (and better not get choked by its live tentacles!).
  17. Euro trip!
  18. The great North and South American adventure!
  19. Take an #OOTD shot at Machu Picchu.
  20. Southeast backpacking trip with... no, not with my friends, but with my lovely mom! Love you mom! *Like every year? LOL*
  21. African wild safari!
  22. Be part of The Amazing Race. Or kahit The Amazing Asia. Sige na nga, The Amazing Race Philippines. At least, part pa rin ng franchise!
  23. Visit Tawi-tawi province!
  24. Learn how to speak Chavacano... because that's the closest thing to Español. Arriba! Arriba! Andale!
  25. Whitewater rafting!

Gonna add some more in the near future. In the mean time, these are some things that I've accomplished for the past few years.

  1. Island hopping at Bantayan and Malapascua Islands.
  2. Conquered Mount Pinatubo's crater lake. It was such a magnificent sight to see!
  3. Hosted a local travel show for at least... err... one episode? HAHAHA!
  4. Visited Baler and some of its famous tourist sites.
  5. Partied at Boracay with my mom, cousins, and aunt!
  6. Swam with the whale sharks!
  7. Climbed and conquered Cebu's highest peak.
  8. Had a great time at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
  9. Explored Siquijor, the land of witchcraft, wizardry, and pristine white sand beaches.
  10. Traveled to The City of Pines and Strawberry Fields.
  11. Witnessed a breathtaking airshow at Clark, Pampanga.
  12. Finally witnessed the Pyromusical at MOA. Tears in mah eyezzzz.
  13. Became a licensed Air Traffic Controller.
  14. Flew on a Cessna 172 plane.


  1. your no. 21 is my no. 1... hopefully soon :)

  2. got some idea here.. :)) having fun reading your blog Mr. Renz...

  3. lets go whitewater rafting in davao!
    -david vt

  4. what travel show you were able to host? :)

  5. Your number 23 is my lifelong dream and forever bucketlist # 1! I remember watching that show in HS and was like, someday Phil,i will participate that race. Lol! it's a long shot, but still :D Really that show inspires my wanderlust. Nice blog btw! :)

  6. Hi there. Great list you have there. However, I do ask that you reconsider your #1, riding an elephant. The inhumane treatment and abuse these majestic creatures have to endure under the hands of their captors is just not right. Insteasld why not volunteer at those sanctuaries that care for those rescued. Really wish you would recosinder it. All the best and safe travels.

  7. Sama ako kahit isa sa mga jn....Ahahahah

  8. crossout #14 this year!
    visit Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi if you will visit UAE =)
    December - February best month =)


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