Friday, August 12, 2011

Everlasting Power of Love Waterfalls

There’s this cascading waterfalls located within the highlands of Davao named Epol. For the past years, it had drawn tourists from neighboring towns and cities. I was curious back then about its name. Of ALL possible names, why Epol? Is it because it’s located within the premises of an apple orchard? Does the water taste like apple juice? I did not have any clues or answers about its etymological origin.

Just recently, I learned that Epol is actually an acronym which stands for Everlasting Power of Love Waterfalls.

Now I know the reason why it was named as such.

It was a cold and foggy morning when we arrived at a flower and strawberry jam store in Marilog District, Calinan located just beside the Bukidnon-Davao Highway. There, we were greeted by a hand-made “This way to Epol Falls” sign. We paid Php 10 for the entrance fee and signed the guest book. It was cheap, yes but going to the falls was not easy, I tell you.

It rained hard the day before our trip which made the soil very slippery and muddy. I slid a couple of times but managed to hold on to the sturdy branches of fern trees (thank God for fern trees). It was a risky one-hour trekking to the falls. Thank God we were unscathed when we arrived at the falls… except for a few minor scratches.


Of course, ‘di talaga mawawala ang group pictures!

The resort was not really commercialized, so as to preserve the natural beauty of the place. There were three cottages in the resort, but one has to bring their own food. There were no stores or canteens nearby. We went to explore Epol Falls and caught beautiful butterflies for our Entomology project!


The water was really cold, it felt like it came straight from the chiller. At first, we shivered but we eventually got used to it. After lunch, we went to the upper level of the falls. The place was peaceful, tranquil and serene. Here are some pictures:

Anj, Leizel and KyleYours truly

Epol Falls is a perfect place to unwind and relax, although going there is a bit tiring. But once you get pass through the obstacles, it will be all worth it. Should you have plans to visit Epol Falls, here are some insightful tips:

  • Don’t wear slippers/flip-flops. Instead, wear sandals.
  • Watch your steps! The path tends to become slippery especially during rainy season.
  • Bring your own food and drinks.
  • The best time to visit Epol Falls is early morning. You are advised to leave the resort before the sun goes down.
  • Don’t forget to bring your insect repellant!

Epol Falls. So peaceful. So tranquil. So clean. So lovely.

I really hope that I’m going to visit Epol Falls again. Soon.


  1. I so love this kind of adventure! If I may ask How long is the travel time from downtown of Davao? Ilang oras din ang lalakarin to reach the waterfalls? :)

    Thanks for following me by the way. will follow back! woot.

  2. Hi Mark! It's an hour and a half away from downtown Davao, tapos yung hiking papuntang falls usually takes 30-45 minutes, depende kung dry or muddy ang lupa. There are portions ng trail na super steep.

  3. @RM: Punta tayo dito with some Davao Bloggers. You'll be the tour guide. .tapos let's do a short film! Woot. Are you free tomorrow??

  4. Unfortunately I'll be in Manila tomorrow, Mark. Sunday night pa uwi ko. But sure, if everyone's free, we'll definitely go to this place. :-)

  5. Waaah gusto ko tong puntahan someday! Sama ako sainyo nila Mark! Hahaha.

    Pero parang malayo. Next year i-tour mo kami ha! :D

  6. Yep, the best transpo option to go there is to hire a van. Pero sulit naman kasi the place is not that really expensive

  7. Renz, madali yong pababa..:) Yong pabalik going up ang super kapoy. hehe... Napagalitan kami ni papa when we all went there a long time ago kasi mama almost collapsed. Pero the place is beautiful. Trip to remember talaga yon. haha.. Sana the local government will develop it kasi it has a big potential talaga, like Hagimit Falls in Samal. Ang ganda pa naman ng Buda. Grabe!

  8. iv been there a very long time ago and we made camp overnight... ask ko lang if pwede pa rin bang mag camping overnight dun , tnx


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