Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is Here in Davao City

“Talaga? May kuryente pala sa Davao? Akala ko wala!”

That was an ignorant statement by my mom’s dorm mate when she was still reviewing for her Medical Technologist licensure exam in Manila, twenty years ago. And boy, I can’t imagine how mom reacted about her dorm mate’s ignorance.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte answers some queries during the launching of the new Davao City Tourism Brand Campaign held at Gran Men Song Hotel, Davao City.

For years, Davao City has emerged as one of the most progressive cities of the country. Since early 90s, the local government had exerted extra effort to promote the city. But unfortunately, the city itself had suffered from bad images portrayed by the media.

Today, with perseverance and determination, the local government together with the Department of Tourism - Region 11 has brought Davao City into the next level.

Davao. Life is here.

The city government of Davao had launched a new tagline of the city led by Mayor Sara Duterte together with guests from the tourism and business sectors as well as the media.

The new tag aims to boost the city's tourism sector by inviting more tourists and investors in the coming months.

Now, the king flies higher.

Davao is very easy to market because it offers almost everything - from the adventure hike to Mount Apo, to the pristine white sand beaches, to the juicy bite of sweet pomelos, to the delectable taste of durian, all these are but some of the reasons why many tourists long to visit the city.

Brand expert Rey “Bai” Manginsay packaged the entire branding about life in Davao, the things non-Dabawenyos long for, while some Dabawenyos take for granted.

The new logo of Davao Tourism Brand.

The brand maker “Bai” divulged how it took him ten years to understand Davao life and appreciate it. He chose the Philippine monkey-eating eagle as the brand identifier. “The eagle is a very strong image because it is unique and we own it. Its kingdom is in Mt. Apo, another tourist destination of the city. It symbolizes power and unity,” he said.

The mayor as well as members from the business and tourism sector appreciated the use of the eagle as the defining image of the city since it is uniquely Davao; it identifies Davao. In the promotional ads, the eagle wears tribal accessories which symbolize the cultural diversity in the city.

And good news, the local government urged Dabawenyos to embrace this new branding by using the logo in letterheads, public transport vehicles and all other avenues where this promotional ad might be exposed to the public.

(L-R) Koi Canarias of Urban Davao, Juy Nacorda of Davaoisms and yours truly, showing off our cool Davao shirts! Too bad mine’s size L. :( Photo courtesy of Koi Canarias.

Please watch the promotional video of the new tourism campaign of Davao.

Davao: Life Is Here.

Now this is a good start to invite more investors to come and visit Davao. Kudos to the local government of Davao and Department of Tourism Region 11!


  1. I want to move to DAVAO!!!! Maga-asawa ako ng Davaoeno LOL :P

    I want to meet Mayor Duterte in person. I super admire her leadership skills :D

  2. They should make you a tourism ambassador. :>

  3. I admit that I was very ignorant about all the other regions that is not Manila. I really believed then na rural lahat. Boy, was I wrong!

    When I went there, I really fell in love with the place. I even said that maybe I was a Davaoeno at heart. Hehehe.

    One of my life goals is to live in Davao kahit 3-6 months of my life. =)

  4. Hey Diyosang Robbie! Glad you love Davao!!! :D

  5. When I was in college (not to long ago), people still believe Davao was not urbanized. :(

    Let's all work together for our beloved Davao City.

    Mica and Rob, don't resist the urge, DAVAO! LIFE IS HERE!

  6. Dami talagang misconception about Davao, ate Ri. Good thing the local government's is exerting effort para ipromote ang Davao not just in the Philippines, but in the whole world. ;-)

  7. Antagal ko ng nasa list to go ang Davao but never been there. haiz :(

  8. Tara Marx! Gala ka rito minsan sa Davao! You'll definitely love the city. ;-)

  9. Davao is one of the most cleanest city I have been and Dabawenyos are the friendliest and helpful people I've met in my entire travels within the country. And I have great travel experience in Davao. Sad to say, I haven't seen some of the best sights in Davao like Phil.Eagle Reserve and Eden Nature Garden Resort. It just make me want to do a comeback trip to experience "Life is Here"

    Great tourism slogan. I hope Davao get a boost of tourism and investment in new campaign!

  10. cute naman nitong blog na ito!

  11. This post makes me want to book a trip to Davao and stay there for a couple of months. pag nagkapanahon ako, gagawin ko yan!

    thanks for being an Ambassador of the Land of Promise, Renz.

  12. Hahaha! Ambassador man jud! :)) Anhi na dire, Davao misses you na. Hometown baya na nimo. ;-)

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