Thursday, September 1, 2011

Davao City Eyed to be the Next Football Capital of the Country

Nowadays, Football has become the latest trend in sports, all thanks to the Philippine Azkals. Over the years, the team has been to several cities and provinces of the country and has sought several young players with big potentials of becoming the next Football stars.


And in line with this, some of the team members namely Misagh Bahadoran, Yannick Tuason, Roel Gener and Paolo Pascual together with the Marketing Manager of Cortal SQR (Safe Quick Release), Vik Oliveros have flown to Davao City to promote Football.

We asked why they opted to hold their press conference at Davao City and not in other major cities of the countries.

“Well, Davao City is one of the places in the Philippines in which Football can really flourish,” Oliveros said during the press conference held at Borneo Room of The Marco Polo Hotel Davao.
“Davao City is one of the biggest cities in the country and still has a lot of open space wherein young children can play the sport,” he added.

Cortal SQR and the Philippine Azkals aim to further promote the sport to the youth and continue playing the sport without any fear from pain. Given the pain usually experienced by Football warriors, Cortal SQR with its reformulation of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, will be able to relieve any mild to moderate musculoskeletal pain in less than fifteen minutes letting the player continue playing and scoring goals.

Cortal SQR and the Philippine Azkals are very optimistic that with their campaign to promote Football in the country, the country will be seen as a strong competing Football teal in Asia, and maybe perhaps the next generation of the National Football Team players, like Yannick Tuazon, would be coming from Davao City.


The Philippine Azkals are also asking for our support for their upcoming games especially the Long Teng Cup in September at Taiwan.

It was a nice opportunity to meet some members of Philippine Azkals.
(Author’s note: Pascual didn’t make it to the press conference due to his commentator duties for AKTV/IBC. Thanks Kenneth for pointing this.)


  1. Erratum: Paolo Pascual wasn't able to attend the Davao trip due to his commentator duties for AKTV/IBC.

  2. i wonder how can they beat barotac nuevo as the football capital of the philippines.

  3. buti nabasa ko to...may Azkals game pa pala ako a di pa napo-post hehe

  4. BAROTAC NUEVO parin!


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