Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Animal and Fire Show

Spending your weekend with your family and friends at Davao Crocodile Park is more fun and exciting!

And I will tell you three reasons why.

One - Davao Butterfly House.

This house domiciles a few number of butterfly species. I had the chance to interview one of the caretakers of this butterfly house. Kuya Toto is an Agriculturist and has been here for at least a year. They now have  plans in the near future to increase the population and to introduce more butterfly species to make the butterfly house more attractive and colorful. Although there are some butterfly species that are plant specific, ergo the need of conducting more research studies about the plant-specific butterfly species.

Beautiful butterfly! :3

I also had the chance to visit the breeding area of the butterfly house. So cool and colorful!!!

Caterpillar! You can actually hold it. This particular species is not itchy.

Two - Animal show

Bagets and bagets-at-heart will definitely enjoy the interactive animal show of Davao Crocodile Park. Like Kuya Kim, the host of the interactive animal show gave a lot of interesting facts and information about crocodiles, eagles and other wildlife animals of the park. They even presented Carlo, the Crocodile Park's star-for-all-seasons! He's an Orangutan, by the way.

Rawrrrrrrrrr - Pangil

The more interesting part of the show was Pangil's. Pangil is a saltwater crocodile and he's almost 20 feet (his cousin, Lolong, is still longer) long. The host showed Pangil's snapping power, causing the murky water to splash all over the four corners of Pangil's pen. Some viewers even got wet right after Pangil showed his might! Lol!

And oh! While some of the animals were in high spirit, this parrot seemed lonely and low in energy.

This parrot's imitating Pangil. LOL!

Three - The Fire Dance

We decided to stay longer at Crocodile Park to witness the amazing fire show at Tribu K'Mindanawan. It showcased the different houses and culture of Mindanao.

Flower fire!

Reminds me a volcanic eruption

Moi and the pretty performer

It was pretty amazing! The dance moves were aesthetically pleasing albeit dangerous. True enough, the performers showed their best and left the audience in awe.

Davao Crocodile Park is located in Davao Crocodile Park Complex in Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City.

How to get there:
From the city center take a Buhangin Route Jeepney (P7 fare) and inform the driver to drop you in the “Habal-habal” (motorcycle for hire) area in the corner of the Diversion Road. A habal-habal can take you directly to the park for P20-P40 depending on how good you are in haggling. 
Sounds complicated and scary? Ride a cab instead. Teehee. :-P


  1. Nice post! I've yet to visit the Crocodile Park. Rawr!

    P.S. Lovely macros!


    1. Thanks Ed! Kung mubalik kag Davao, bisitaha jud ang Crocodile Park! :))

  2. whoa! the pretty performer! i thought your great shot of the fire dance was the best in this post.

    havent seen a caterpillar that beautiful.

    1. Daddy Dong! :))

      Fave ko rin yung fire dance. Ang galing nila! And oh, andami kong photos ng mga iba't ibang caterpillars... sadly blurred yung iba. Kaya inerase ko nalang.

  3. How much is the entrance to each?

    1. It's P150 to everything. Wag ka na mag-effort teh, pupuntahan natin to for DFAT.

  4. thanks for featuring this.. my little girl will be having a field trip here next month.. and now looking forward to spending time with her there.. nice pics by the way. :)

  5. @Robbie: 150 ang entrance fee, kasali na ang butterfly house, animal show and fire dance. :) Though hindi araw-araw ang animal show and fire dance eh, kaya maganda if weekend ka pupunta rito. Actually Ate Ria is planning to bring the DFAT-ers here on Friday night. :D

    @Iynette: Thank you! I'm pretty sure your little girl will enjoy her field trip next month! :)

  6. SOBRANG GANDA ng mga photos mo Renzy Boy. :) lalo na the FIRE DANCING photos. :) paulit ulit na akong pumunta ng davao Croc pero hanggang ngayun wala pa rin akong blog about it. Hahaha. :) magtatampo na si davao City. :) hahaha. :) Happy Travels Lil Bro. :)

    1. Thanks Kuya Olan! Hala, you should write a post about it! =))

  7. Nice pictures of fireshow. I have some on my web too, so you can check them as well. With some blindfolded fire juggling...


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