Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Is How We Flew and Rolled

Just last Saturday, we had our shoot for the teaser of our travel show which will soon be aired on Mindanao Travel Channel and on YouTube as well. The night before the shoot, I was so busy of thinking some concepts and the things that might happen to us in the next few hours. I was pretty much excited for our shoot.

Adrenaline rush!

The weather was pretty bad that time. The morning sky was gray and depressing. But despite the bad weather, it didn't hamper our mood and decided to push through with our shooting. Rain or shine, tuloy pa rin!

And little did I know that we were actually going to fly in mid-air and literally roll in the 'deep'. Ha!

It was still raining when we arrived at Davao Crocodile Park. Armed with nothing but a Canon EOS 600D, we took a LOT of video stills and did some narrations. Good thing, Kuya Drew, our creative director suggested a few things significant to our teaser shoot.

Bagong ligo look of an eagle!

We even had close encounters with birds and reptiles during the shoot!

Up close and personal with the Australian Bald Eagle and a baby saltwater crocodile.

Considered as one of the finest tourist attractions in Davao City, Philippines, Davao Crocodile Park boasts thousands of its self-nurtured Crocodiles as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a home to the tamed wildlife beasts which are nourished and given world-class care. Davao Crocodile Park boasts its one of a kind zoo which housed different animals such as crocodiles, birds, snakes, monkeys among many others.

After we did a few successful shots, we got extremely hungry... so hungry that we can eat five adult saltwater crocodiles in just one sitting!!! Time for lunnnnch!

And for lunch, we tried one exotic dish: Crocodile Sisig!!!

Reptilian sisig!

Other dishes like Bihod (can anyone here provide an English translation for Bihod?), homemade Melon Ice cream and chicken barbeque satisfied our gastronomic needs.

Foodporn overload!

The next part was pretty much exciting. Brace yourself with these two heart-stopping and adrenaline-filled activities!!!

We decided to include the infamous double Zs in our shoot - Zorb and Zipline. We were so excited because it was our first time to try the former, except for Kuy.

Installing an improvised camera

Rollin' in the deeeeeeeeeeeep!

The activity SEEMED simple and easy: strap yourself inside the giant, transparent beach ball AKA the Zorb and let it roll down the hill while you're inside. There were two girls ahead of us and were the first one to try it. They were shouting as the Zorb rolled down. I was like, "Meh those bitches are so maarte, they're aren't used to that kind of activity".

It was easy to make that kind of statement. When it was our turn to ride the Zorb ball, I started to feel nervous and excited at the same time. Okay scratch that. I was freakin' nervous the moment I got inside the Zorb! After securing our straps, the Zorb was released and we started rolling... rolling... rolling in the deep! You had my heart inside you haaaand! And you played it, to the beaaat!

The roll lasted for a minute... and it was the LONGEST ONE MINUTE THAT I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED! It was crazy as hell, rolling down a hill inside a giant ball. Ugh. Feeling ko nga eh sasabog na yung utak ko!!! I was shouting "$%$@%$@%!!! $%^)#%)! Jesus Christ! %^)%^)(!%$^ God! Holy )$%*$)%*!!!" the whole time!

And yes, I ate what I said earlier. LOL!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how we roll!

Zip and Zorb - Davao City from RM Bulseco on Vimeo.

After rolling down the steep hill, we drove our way to Zip City, located at Brgy. Langub and still owned by Davao Crocodile Park. The place offers a panoramic view of Downtown Davao and to the other side, the southern side of the city and the towering peaks of Mount Talomo and Mount Apo.

Downtown Davao

Southern Davao

My ziplining experience at Zip City wasn't really scary at all. In fact it has been tagged as the friendliest zip line in the whole city! The length of the zipline's 310 meters and the ride was neither too fast nor too slow; just the right speed (though I wish it could've been faster. Heh).

Davao Crocodile Park is not your ordinary zoo. Aside from keeping and nurturing wild animals (some of them are endemic to the island of Mindanao), they also have exotic meals to offer and tribal showdown to showcase which includes fire dance. And oh, don't forget the adrenaline-filled activities like the Zorb Ball and Zipline at Zip City.

If you're up for an adventure, visit Davao Crocodile Park and Zip City. I highly recommend you to visit these places. You will definitely have the most memorable nature, animal and adventure trip.

UP NEXT: Kapatagan, Davao del Sur and Maxima Resort of Samal Island!


  1. I lurve the magazine feel of your photos! Tutorial naman jan!

  2. hi.. how much was the zorb balling and entrance fee at croc park? thanks! :)

    1. Zorb is Php 200. Entrance fee sa crocodile park is Php 150 (75 for kids). :)

    2. During weekends, you can also visit the place for only php200, an all-inclusive fee for crocodile park, butterfly garden, and tribu kamindanawon fire dancing show. :)

  3. Very catchy yung background music nung video. aprub! will watch out on your travel show in youtube.

  4. I had been there but we didn't get to experience it as we would have with my friends. I was with a group of oldies and kids, so there wasn't any croc sisig, zipline or zorb. LOL. We're definitely going back.

    1. Well, you should cherry and try all the things that we tried last week! :D

  5. Woot!!! I'm craving for crocodile sisig na!! I want.

  6. i thought bihod is caviar..pero mukhang tender loin ata yang nasa pic mo..congrats pala

  7. bihod is unfertilized fish egg...yeah more like caviar.

  8. I agree with zorbing! Longest friggin 1 minute of my life!!! Actually pati yung sa zipping. Wahahaha.

    1. Though keri lang naman ang zipping. Actually gusto ko pa nga na mas mabilis yun eh. Hahaha! Magzozorb ulit kami soon for the shoot. Kaloka!


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