Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Haler, Baler!

There are only three things I know about Baler.

One - It is the birthplace of Maria Aurora Aragon and Manuel Luis Quezon, the infamous political lovebirds of the Philippines. Mwahmwahtsuptsup! 
Two - Baler, one of 2008 MMFF official entries, sucked balls; and 
Three - It is the primary destination of surfing enthusiast.

Out of curiosity, I flew all the way to Manila and embarked on a six hour journey together with my seven kaladkarin friends to Baler, Aurora.

Baler used to be the part of Quezon Province until the creation of Aurora as the 73rd province of the Philippines by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 7 with Baler as its capital. This picturesque town of Aurora Province is not just about surfing! There are lots of historical sites, parks and other recreational areas worth visiting.

If you appreciate Philippine history, visit Museo de Baler, Aurora Aragon Quezon's ancestral home and the Church of Baler. Or if you're a nature lover like me, make your way to the 600-year old Balete Tree located at the town of Maria Aurora or hike and take a dip in the cool waters of Ditumabo and Digisit Falls.

The lower half of Ditumabo Falls

But wait, there's more! Enjoy the scenic view of Baler coastline from Ermita Hill. Don't forget to take a stunning group photo at Lukso-Lukso islets like this:

If you're up for a food trip, have a sumptuous breakfast at Bay's Inn, enjoy unlimited Chinese food at Gerry Shan's Place for lunch and dine at a cheap yet delicious lutong bahay meals at Shane's Eatery at The Rolling Stores for dinner.

Delicious Bangsilog of Bay's Inn. What a great way to start the day!

Overall, Baler exceeded all of my expectations. The town has so much to offer despite the absence of gargantuan malls and movie houses. Life in this town is truly simple and laid back.

Honestly I was so stressed out on our way to Baler. I only had a few hours of sleep prior the trip and the elbow bus ride was so bumpy. But after we checked-in at Pacific Waves Resort, I thought that I have never seen a place so peaceful and so clean; it is a perfect place to unwind. And oh, jeeps are nonexistent in Baler; tricycles dominate the roads of the town. It was such a memorable experience because I have never ridden a tricycle for hours.

Shut up and drive, drive, drive!

The places that we had visited in Baler, Aurora deserve a separate blog post.

True enough, traveling all the way from Davao City to this place was all worth it. What a perfect way to greet summer!


  1. ang astig ng shut up and drive drive shot. we're going there on may kaya susubukan ko yang shane's eatery this time.

    1. Hahaha! Masarap talaga dun sa Shane's Eatery dad!

  2. Oh yes! there are no jeepneys in Baler... Can't wait to read your adventures! :)

  3. Naloka ako sa pout ni Chino! Activate now! =))

    1. "Keep it up" is out, "Activate now" is IN! Dapat kasama na parati si Chino sa mga trips natin. Lelz

  4. Ibigay niyo na sakin ang korona ng Baler!!! Nasayo na naman ang korona ng Cebu eh! Hahaha.

  5. hi! i really adore you for having a nerve in travelling to different places, you explore places like no one else. i really enjoy reading your posts. i do like also your passion. from ur posts, murag makatravel na sab ko. astig!!! hope maka adto pa ka sa lahi lahi nga lugar. take a pic pud aron bibo ang life! im a biology student too and i enjoy going to places every now and then. god bless mate!

    1. Wow you speak Bisaya! Ayos bai! Taga asa pud ka! Ngano man ka nag anonymous uy! :))

  6. Astig ung Ditumabo Falls na shot!:)


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