Friday, October 12, 2012

So far, so good.

It's been a week since I finally moved out from my comfort zone to pursue my lifelong dream. It actually feels liberating but awkward at the same time. Awkward in a sense that I have been actually doing those things that I normally don't do when I am home!

For instance, I am actually doing my own laundry, believe it or not. This is actually one of the few things that I've learned from living on my own. I have never, EVER touched or washed my own clothes until today. Back home, I just put it in our laundry basket and wait for two days before we get our clothes back from the laundry shop. But here? I do it manually. It's quite daunting but... So far so good. My clothes and undies smell good, thank God (i didn't do anything wrong). I know that my clothes trust my 'hand washing' skills. Lol

Second, I can actually live without internet, so to speak. It goes like this. My cellphone has this capability to become a wi-fi hotspot but unfortunately, the signal's not that great. There are a number of internet shops near our boarding house but I did not like the vibe (lol kaartehan). But yeah, when the training starts this Monday, I would be literally disconnected from the online world. It's just, I don't have much time for it. If reaching my dream would require not to be online 24/7, then I'll take it.

Well, that's it for now. I'm still lucky that I have lots of friends from the Mindanao region. At least I do not feel alone. Hope we all get through this successfully.

Zero casualty.


  1. Since you're doing the laundry, don't forget to buy a good hand cream. Lols!

    Take care, Renz. Davao misses you!

  2. We will be missing you here in Davao Tito Renz but we are extremely happy for you.

    Ingat lagi and don't forget to have fun. :)

  3. @Ate Brendel: Yeah!!! Will look for one soon! :)) Kapoy baya mag manual laba LOL

    @Mommy Rovz: Thanks mommy!!!

    @Kulapitot: Yung mga pants, ilaulaundry ko yun

  4. nice to know you're chasing after your dreams. i don't know you personally but reading your posts made me feel like i do somehow. keep dreaming! and blog about it! :)

  5. Glad to find another blogger from Davao - or is it now from Manila?
    I know how it feels, being away from family & friends while pursuing your dreams. I did the big move myself at 23 but has not regretted it.
    I miss Davao of course but I try to go home at least once year.

  6. You're doing great Renz. Mas mahal nga magpalabada dyan sa Manila kesa sa probinsya. I started washing my family's clothes when I was in high school. Although washing machine pa rin, ang hirap kasi 7 kami lahat. haha. Now, I do handwash inside the hostel and hang them in my rented room. Kaya ra kaayo na nimo! good luck as well on the training!

  7. To me, doing my own laundry has been the most surprisingly enjoyable activity that I learned to do as an adult. Washing machine aided or otherwise, I consider it as my little moment of zen. Wait until you start finding the need to cook for yourself. Mabibilib ka sa sarili mo hehe!

    Ingat ka, Renz! Nandito ka lang pala sa tabi-tabi.

  8. Adelle - thanks!!!

    Nomadic pinoy: thank you!!! Miss ko na talaga ang dvo!

    Ed: thanks! Hahaha naamaze jud ko kay kabalo na ko maglaba looool

    Drew: hey drew! See you when I see you!!!

  9. here's to your independence! not that you were stuck in somewhere before but doing more things on your own will give you a sense of pride. i feel you when you noted you don't do your own laundry before and now that you have to roll up your sleeves for the part.
    it was "me" before i got married, it was "me" long before i went abroad. hindi lang ako expert sa laundry at bleaching ngayon kundi pati sa kusina! you'll learn to swim when you're in the ocean!

    nice post, renz!

    ps : deadma mo na ang lack of vibe sa net shop! hahaha!

  10. Hi doc gelo! Thanks sa comment mo! Bale may wifi shop pala malapit sa amin, so mas gusto ko na ang vibe. Hehehe. Grabe bagyo ngayon sa metro and... Waaaaa my laundry!!! I hope it will get dry tomorrow. Lol


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