Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Island That Vanishes: Sanipaan Shoal

Vanishing Island
Vanishing Island of Samal
Sanipaan Shoal, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte

This is probably one of my most favorite places in Davao. I fell in love with this island when I first went here last 2008 for a laboratory field work in Botany. Indeed, the island (technically, it's a shoal) vanishes when the tide is high.

Today, a number of organizations, mostly from schools and NGOs have successfully conducted mangrove planting activities within the shoal. That activity will surely restore the once rich marine biodiversity.

Gosh, I really miss going to the beach.

(This post is just part of my postcard series)


  1. OT: Hindi na tayo natuloy-tuloy! :)) mukhang kitakits na lang tayo sa Wordcamp Weekend :)

  2. good to know mas maraming ng mangroves sa Vanishing island. i miss this place!

  3. OMG! Every corner of that photo screams 'paradise'!

  4. I'm dreaming of the day when a bridge finally connects Samal island to the mainland. That way it's easier and quicker to explore outlying areas the island. Would love to see that shoal one day!

  5. Astig ganda? Pwede ba maligo dyan or para sa mga researchers lang yang place?


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