Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Traveling Jumper (dot) Com... Or So I Thought!

Once upon a time, an adventurous lad made a promise to create a signature jump shot whenever he travels to new places. It all started with just one jump shot, and then followed by another photo... and the rest is history.

Jump photo #1 - Venturing the 'hot' side if Mt. Pinatubo

This is probably his first official jump shot photo. All of his friends were doing this new thing and he was all like, "I should have this kind of souvenir shot!". Because he doesn't like to be left out, he asked his one of his friends to take his very first signature jump photo. He was very excited. The first three shots were not that good. Blurred. Bad timing. Incorrect shutter speed. He grew impatient. It was harder than he thought! But after a thousand 'trial and error' shots, the camera screen showed this memorable photo:

Mount Pinatubo
Galit ata si kuya! Lol
It's pretty obvious that he isn't really that happy when the photo was taken. But LOL aside, the backdrop's maginificent. I've heard that he wants to go back there, though.

Jump photo #2 - At the highest peak of the country

The following month, he end (the f did I just type? HAHA) and his two closest blogger friends went to Kapatagan, Davao del Sur for a special assignment (which later, they realized it wasn't really THAT special... but at least, they went there for free LOL). Anyway, after they interviewed their guide, they did some fun shoot with Mount Apo as their background. His two friends got jealous and joined the bandwagon.
Kapatagan, Davao del Sur
Mount Apo
Lo and behold, Mount Apo, the highest peak of the country!

Jump shot #3 - He just can't get enough!

He got bored during the middle of their shoot and decided to ask one of his friends to take his signature jump shot at the pine forest. He decided to set his camera to Auto Mode. Well, it worked like magic. Presto!

Yet Another Mountain Shot

The following month (March), he traveled all the way to Central Visayas for a 5-day backpacking trip. Together with some of his travel blogger friends from Manila namely Robbie, Jerome, and Gael, they climbed the highest peak of the island of Cebu - Osmeña Peak. And of course, he took the chance to have his signature jump shot there; it's a milestone, yehknoww. Come on! It's. Cebu's. Highest. Peak!!! But LOL aside, he only had one trial for this shot. He didn't mind if the photo quality's not that good because he's simply too tired to complain (but not that tired to breathe and to appreciate the view HAHAHA). Good thing, the one who took his photo is a photographer. Well, at least.
Osmeña Peak
Cebu's highest peak.
But he still kinda looked funny in the photo, yes? Nah, never mind his face. Just appreciate the view. It reminds me of The Lord of the Rings trilogy or Game of Thrones.

Red and green.

His adventure continued to the enchanted island of Siquijor. They were on their way back to the national road from Salagdoong Beach when they took this chance to have their individual signature pose along the highway. His other two companions decided to do the 'planking' thing (it was IN during that time) on the road. While he decided to deviate from the norm.

Red and green!
And there goes his smile. Actually, five seconds after his friend took this photo, a speeding motor was fast approaching. They immediately vacated the area. That was crazy.

And he grew tired of it.

And I believe that was his last signature jump photo for the year 2012. He still continued to travel regularly from April to August but broke his promise. Well, so much for being consistent. LOL. Here are some of his failed attempts of shooting his jump photo. Please don't laugh. Just smile and appreciate his effort of doing this tiring activity.
And these are some places that he didn't dare to do such pose for obvious reasons.
And these are some of his 'outfit' pose because he wanted to travel in style. HAHAHAHAHA K.
He even tried to do a new signature travel pose, but failed.
Harder than he thought.
Here are some photos of his jump buddies.
Kapatagan friends!
Central Visayas backpacking trip!
Bantayan Island madness
Truly, he misses traveling sooooo much that he can't hardly wait for his next great adventure. He doesn't know exactly when, but he feels that he'll travel again soon.



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