Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: First Travel Experience

I miss college!

While reading some posts of this blog, I came across with some of my field trip photos back in college. I couldn't help but smile. Awwww.

For those who are still unaware about my "awesome" life, I am a BS Biology graduate and I took Ecology as my major but took a few elective subjects from the field of Cell and Molecular Bio. One of the mandatory things that a Bio major should comply is to conduct field works, especially in selected Ecology subjects. Despite the fact that my current work is not related to my college degree (Air Traffic Service and Biology? How's that!), I still did not regret of spending my four years in college just to study all aspects of life - from Virology to the entire Biosphere. Biology had indeed brought me to different places in Mindanao. It was one of the best days of my life.

1st Year, 2nd Sem. Feb 2008.

Maco and Maragusan, Compostela Valley | Biodiversity

ComVal trip

We actually did not achieve the objectives of this trip because it was raining the whole afternoon at Maragusan. It was our first field trip and it was truly memorable. I could still remember that we were all excited... So excited that we we didn't have enough sleep prior the trip. Special thanks to my good friend, Lyle, for the photos.

2nd Year, 1st Sem. July 2008.

Vanishing Island, Samal | Intermediate Botany


We were required to get a few samples of corals, seagrass, and the red, green, and brown algae for our laboratory exercise in Botany. It was fun because it was my first time to visit an island that vanishes during high tide and reappears during low tide. Again, thanks Lyle for the photos. Wala pa kasi akong matinong camera that time. HAHAHA! Read more of my adventure here.

2nd Year, 2nd Sem - January 2009.

Sigaboy, Davao Oriental | Principles of Ecology

We visited Isla Tibanban, or as we like to call it, Kisses Island. We conducted a few experiments for our lab exercise in Ecology and enjoyed the rest of the day after that.

This photo was supposed to be a solo pic but everyone joined me and mimic my "put-yer-hands-up" pose. Baliw! Hahaha! Read more of my adventure here.

3rd Year, First Sem. September 2009

Initao, Misamis Oriental | Plant Ecology

I cannot believe that it's been four years since this epic trip. It was my first time to visit Misamis Oriental and also my first time to traverse the intestine-like highways of Buda and Bukidnon. We went canopy walking and ziplining at Lasang Secret Adventure, swimming at Midway Beach Resort, and spelunking near Initao. It was nonetheless a fun-filled and exciting trip for us. And, hey! This is my first post ever! Read this blog's first post here.

3rd Year, Second Sem. January 2010

Marilog District, Davao City | Entomology

Revisited Epol Falls of Marilog District, Calinan to collect a few samples of insects. We caught some amazing butterflies and took a dip. Oh yeah, the water's so cold; it felt like it came from the ref. Brrrr. Read more of my story here!

3rd Year, 2nd Semester. February 2010.

Camiguin Island | Principles of Photography

Camiguin is the place to be.

This trip isn't related to Biology. We went to the Island of Fire to practice our skills in photography. Camiguin is a very beautiful place and I would want to go back there and visit Katibawasan Falls, and the famous White Island. Read more of my Camiguin adventures here! Don't dare miss it. Lol

Look! There's my "I-can-see-your-brain-through-your-nostrils" selfie. Taken at the Sunken Cemetery. And don't ever miss the beautiful sunrise of Camiguin! Srsly.

Sunrise at Camiguin.

3rd Year, 2nd Semester. March 2010.

Iligan City | General Entomology

This way to Tinago Falls.

Probably my most favorite destination to date. We traveled more than 10 hours just to reach this place. It was also my first time to visit the province of Lanao del Norte. The way to Tinago Falls was excruciatingly hard to hike but once you're there, everything's worth it. Read more of my Iligan City adventures here.


These trips had allowed me to appreciate the hidden beauty of my country, most especially in the island of Mindanao. True enough, Philippines has a lot to offer.

And those trips were one of the reasons why I wanted to travel more and explore my beloved country.
Sigh. Reminiscing those good old days.

I really miss traveling.


  1. Ang cool! :] TBT - blog version.
    Gusto ko rin itry tong ganito. Hehehe

  2. Wow! That is one big unforgettable college experience! I envy you! :)


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