Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello, 2014!

The First Davao Torotot Festival. Photo by Jeff Pioquinto, SJ

2013 had finally took off and we welcomed the new year with a bang. 2013 has been a good year for me, when it comes to career and self discovery.

So, how did you celebrate your new year? Well, I celebrated my new year here in Davao City, where firecrackers, sparklers, and even sky lanterns are strictly prohibited. But hey, Davaoeños are innovative. This year, we set a new record for having the most number of people who blew horns (torotot) simultaneously for ten seconds. Congrats, Davao! And to give you an idea, here's more or less how Davao looks like on New Year's Eve:

Davao City at night. Photo by jeffte

Here are some things to look forward this 2014:

1) Career as an ATC. Now that I am a licensed Air Traffic Controller, I can't wait to control live traffic, only this time in my permanent facility assignment. But, the responsibility is heavier, most especially that I carry my license while on duty. I am now liable to any actions and clearances I give to the pilots. I still have to learn a LOT when it comes to local procedures and control techniques. But then again, I'm excited!

2) Singapore Airshow 2014. Last September, I applied for the airshow's free complementary pass. A month after, I got a response from the organizers and they gave me a FREE trade pass for four days! Isn't that nice! Right now, everything's settled, including our accommodation (my good friend scored a great deal). Now, I just have to buy my airfare ticket to Singapore this 15th (hopefully). 43 days to go!!! This is going to be a perfect valentine's gift to me. Mehehe. Just me and my first love - AVIATION!

3) #Project365 - 2014 edition. I have tried #Project365 last 2011. That time, I only use my Canon point-and-shoot camera. Two years na akong absent sa project na to. I have an unlimited mobile internet, and a nice smart phone; there's no excuse of not joining this year's #Project365!

4) 2014 is definitely my travel year. 2013 wasn't my travel year. It's not that I wasn't bitten by a travel bug... it was due to my intense ATC training. But I guess, everything was worth it. I can't wait to be on the road again with my lakwatsero friends! Traveling relieves me from stress, and keeps me away from other negative things that surround me. Woot! Hmmm... thinking of traveling to Southeast Asia, particularly in Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

My hopes are high for 2014!

Happy new year, everyone!


  1. Visit me in Pangasinan! Happy New Year Renzy!

  2. Happy New Year Renzy. I'll be traveling alone on November - Malaysia - Singapore. Wanna join?


  3. Southeast Asia is a great choice. Historically, it is very rich and interesting. I do hope they teach Southeast Asian history in schools in line with the integration. Keep traveling!

    1. I could not agree more! I still have to learn more about the history of southeast asia :)

  4. More Davao tripsss! Trivia night, laag, chika, booze, and coffee with the #PositivePeeps! :D

  5. Dapat ang goal ng #PositivePeeps aka #FirstWorldFriends, mag overnight stay sa Buda!!! Mingaw na ko sa Buda ba!!!


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