Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Singapore Diaries: Prologue

Like any other travels, going home will always be the hardest part. I still can't get over with my recent trip in Singapore and there's no remedy to it at all! That was exactly how I felt when I came back from my Kota Kinabalu adventure almost two years ago. Anyway, hola! I am finally back. It was a good thing that I came home without paying any hefty fines in Asia's finest city-state, Singapore.

Now, where do I start?

The Story Behind

Last August 2013, I met up with my planespotter friends at MOA. I thought it was just another night of stories and laughter, until one of them talked about the Singapore Airshow 2014. They even persuade me to apply for a free 4-day trade show pass online. I did, and I got it a month later. I didn't expect it, well, maybe because they accepted my application because I was an ATC. Honestly, I thought that this trip won't push through because (1) Singapore's really expensive and there's no way that I could afford it (or so I thought); and (2) during that time, I was still uncertain regarding my work schedule because I was still completing my hours in OJT. But a part of me wanted this trip to push through, so I started saving up just in case. And I didn't regret of cutting my shopping spree adventures into half.

The Second Time Around

It was my second time to travel abroad yet I still feel anxious about the immigration process here in the Philippines. I got a bit paranoid most especially after learning about my college friend's ordeal at NAIA 3. But, the travel gods must be good to me because for the first time in forever (lol at reference to Frozen), the immigration officer didn't ask too many unnecessary questions, like "Why are you not studying medicine?" and "What is a blog?".

True Love

The Royal Singapore Air Force

Apparently, I celebrated Valentine's Day in Singapore with my one and only true love, aviation! Attending the Singapore Airshow 2014 was a dream come true. I almost cried after watching the amazing acrobatic performances of Royal Singapore Air Force and the South Korean Air Force. True story!

First World Experience

Singapore was a whole-new experience to me, the fact that the city-state was totally different from my country. I really hate comparing cities or places but as a citizen of a third-world country, I couldn't help myself but to commit that mortal sin. Singaporeans are really disciplined and the country is properly zoned and very clean. Actually, the country's very neat and organized that it made me really uncomfortable in the entire duration of the trip.

Four Days of Fun and Adventure

I got torridly kissed by the sun twice, not because I went to the beach, but because we were at the air show the whole time. The weather was so hot and humid that it drained my energy. But despite that, I still enjoyed Singapore. I got the chance to try their local dishes, met new friends, and realized a few things about my life and career. Four days wasn't enough and I'd definitely visit Singapore again. It may be one of the most expensive Asian countries to visit, but it was all worth it.

What a great way to celebrate the month of love! I can't wait to write all of my Singapore adventures and misadventures!


The Singapore Diaries

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  1. I lived in singapore for 5 years and now here in malaysia sometimes I go back and visit my friends when we have long holidays here. Love to see those photos!


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