Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Singaporean Nightlife

The City Lights

Like any other major metropolis in the world, Singapore has a lot to offer even at night time! You might as well check some of these places I have visited in Singapore during night time.

Orchard Road

Singaporeans, like Filipinos, love to shop. Their undying love for shopping can be clearly seen on this street in downtown Singapore. This one-way 22-km boulevard is flanked by iconic shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels.  This leading shopping destination of southeast Asia offers nearly 800,000 square meters of retail, dining and entertainment options to please any taste or budget - from opulent brands to high street fashion, and exclusive restaurants to fast food joints. What I really loved about Orchard Road is its lush surroundings!

Celebrating Valentine's Day at Orchard

Shopper's lane.

Recommended places: 313@Somerset, H&M Orchard Road, and the street itself!


This Chinese strip in Singapore is very much alive during night time! The main streets of Chinatown like Pagoda St., are always filled with both locals and tourists, looking for some cheap thrills. This is the place where I bought my pasalubong. Teehee. Souvenir items aren't that expensive in Chinatown, so this is your best option to buy some stuff before going home!

Looking for a place to eat in Chinatown was easy too. We were craving for some sweets and we decided to try this Hongkong Dessert House in Upper Cross St. It's just a few meters away from our hostel.

Old school vide.

And as always, that Mango Sago with Pomelo (the one in the middle) costs S$3.30. Multiply it by 36, well, you do the math. Nothing's special with this dessert, to be honest. Even a six-year old can create this dessert without an aide of an elder. All you need is shaved ice, a bunch tiny sago, a few slices of mango, a few strands of pomelo, and a glass of evaporated milk. Maybe in the Philippines, for that size, the average retail price of would range from Php 30 to 45. No kidding. But yeah, it answered our sweet cravings at least, but it comes with a hefty price. Haha!

It was weird though that we ate dessert first before the main course. And for dinner, we ate at Chinatown Seafood Restaurant. Aside from Chinese dishes (duh), they also serve Malaysian and Singaporean dishes. Nomnom.

Lemon iced tea for the win!

Fried prawn dimsum.

Chicken Satti!

Honey pork with sesame seed.

Chicken bits with chili and nuts

Tips and tricks:

  • Try their 'seafood pancit'. I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo of it, because after the first bite... well, it took us a little less than five minutes to consume the entire plate. It's like pancit guisado, but it had a handful of shrimps and bean sprouts, and the noodles were flat. I am not a fan of pansit but this one was really delicious.
  • Their lemon iced tea - FTW! It tasted more authentic because it really is a tea with a slice of lemon. It's so refreshing unlike our iced tea... it's full of artificial sweeteners. Bleugh.
  • The restaurant doesn't offer free service water. Restaurants that aren't connected to malls do not have that kind of free service, unlike in the Philippines. And oh, their bottled water is more expensive than their iced tea or soda. Water is indeed a very precious commodity in Singapore.
  • The food was great but the price was not. We were like, five, and our total bill was almost S$100. We paid S$20 each.
  • May mga Pinoy din sa restaurant na 'to! Ordering wasn't a big challenge to both parties because we talked in our native tongue! Actually, they were the ones who recommended some of the restaurant's best-sellers.

Random snapshots of Chinatown!

Pagoda street.

Makansutra Glutton's Bay and Marina Bay Sands

Hunger games!

And for our final night in Singapore, we went to Makansutra Glutton's Bay. The setup was pretty much like Banchetto or Mercato Centrale, where various food stalls sell different kinds of drinks and dishes and people eat in an al fresco setting. And the best thing in Makansutra? It offers a spectacular view of the Marina Bay skyline!

The food here is way, way cheaper than in Chinatown. Here's what we ate at Makansutra:

Yangchow rice.

And I only paid S$7 for these! I almost forgot to mention that there's Gerry's Grill in Makansutra. It offers the same Filipino dishes like Crispy Pata, and Pork Sisig.

Tan-tanana-tadaaaa! Presentinggggg... my very own photos of the Marina Bay skyline! A few years ago, I thought going to Singapore and taking photos of this famous skyline was only a dream. But alas, dreams do come true if you work hard for it!

Marina Bay Sands at night.

Singapore skyline.

Night life in Singapore wasn't that bad than I thought even if we didn't order some beers. It was also a great experience since I had the chance to see the different colors and vibe of Singapore. It was really different, well in a good way.

I really can't wait to go back to Singapore, well maybe this September in their annual Singapore Grand Prix. 

Yes? Absolutely!


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  1. The Chinatown is the best place to fill in yuor hungry or empty tummy of the best foods but cheaper prices. I haven't gone to Singapore. It is only in a dream.

  2. Best places to spend the night in Singapore for me would be Marina Bay Sands - the view is amazing, Clarke Quay for the bars, Orchard Road for the lights and Chinatown for food. :)

  3. I love cities that are very much alive at night. Night markets, neon lights and parties are good ways to get away from the daily home and work life.

  4. Singapore is best to shop when yu are looking for the latest electronic appliances and gadgets, it is fun to visit the place but not for me to settle there due to high cost of living hehe

  5. I believe that Singaporean food are highly influenced of Chinese style, right? But, I guess SG, is much clean. ehehe. IDK really.

  6. It's always fun to go around in Singapore at night because of the bright lights on their different attractions.

  7. A beautiful city to enjoy food, scenic views and enjoying the wonderful people. Besides gadgets, more electronic stuffs to be purchased.

  8. I wish I would have a chance to go to SG. I always hear good things about Marina Bay Sands and want to see it. Great shots.

  9. i could only wish i have all the money in the world and i will take Singapore by surprise eating and shopping ... iwish our china town here in phils is as clean as in Singapore

  10. my family also tried the glutton's bay... it was a pretty nice and yummy experience. I will love to return there. Yahweh bless


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