Saturday, April 19, 2014

FEATURED: #Wanderer Series

Hey guys! How's summer treating you? Well, I have been busy for a while. You know, I need to prepare my mind for the upcoming exams for my Aerodrome rating here in Tacloban Control Tower/Approach Facility and I'm feeling excited and nervous at the same time!

In the mean time, I got featured in an international travel blog! Haha! Surprise, surprise! Neeko has been a good blogger friend of mine for quite some time and it was so nice to him to have me featured on his #WANDERE Series. The #WANDERER project collects travellers’ perspectives from around the world. With his permission (thanks mate!), here's the complete post.

Original link here.

Honestly, following too many travel blogs can make you depressed that you are not travelling all the time. Yet, Renz’s is not one of them. On “The Traveling Nomad,”* Renz uses a mixture of journal entries and work log to showcase his unique perspective. Renz lives in the Philippines and explores his own country more intimately than any foreigner ever could. I wish more travel bloggers (including myself) could write about their own surroundings like Renz can.

1.) How do you define travel?

Traveling for me is not just going to different places. It is actually the best way to discover the REAL you. You will definitely know yourself better once you step out of your comfort zone.

2.) Why do you travel?
I travel because I want to experience different cultures and colors of the world. It is somehow an immersion, to better understand why some people have these beliefs or taboos in their locality. Traveling likewise is an avenue to new opportunities – to gain unique experiences, to meet new friends, and to learn things that are not taught inside the four corners of the classroom. True enough, the world is such a wonderful place to explore.

3.) What is your dream trip?

I have recently come up with this crazy yet plausible plan: to visit 30 countries before I turn 30 years old. A fellow Filipino blogger ( had inspired me to achieve my upcoming adventure. I am turning 24 this August and I have only visited two countries yet namely Singapore and Malaysia. Though, I have scheduled international trips this year and hopefully, I’d accomplish this big goal of mine. Keeping my fingers crossed! This is probably the biggest and the most stressful procrastination of my life! But I’ll do everything just to make this project possible!

4.) What is your greatest lesson from on the road?

Through the years, I have learned so much about life because of traveling. I had even published a blog post about it! The greatest lesson that I’ve learned through it was to follow your dreams and aspirations in life. This may sound cliche to some but, that’s how I recovered. I used to lose sight of myself and the world because I chose the wrong path. Eventually, I took a detour, found the right road, and once again, I found myself back on track, falling in love with the world and life again. The world hadn’t changed – I had.

5.) Where have you been?

I have been to numerous provinces in the Philippines. I have also visited Singapore and Malaysia (Sabah State). This year, I have scheduled trips to Cambodia, Vietnam, Hongkong, and Macau.

Thank you so much for the awesome write-up, Neeko!

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