Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Claude's Le Café De Ville Experience

Beautiful interiors of Claude's

On the second day of DFAT 2014, I skipped most of the restaurants during the day since my family and I were at Villa Mercedes, celebrating mom's birthday. Good thing, I had managed to squeeze my blogger duties at Claude's. I've been a resident of Davao for more than two decades already yet it's a shame that I haven't tried their authentic French and Mediterranean cuisine!

Hence, I took this opportunity to finally try Davao's premier and only full-service restaurant offering authentic French and Mediterranean cuisine.

I have always thought that French foods (ugh, I hate using that word) aren't that delicious. Alright French aficionados, kill me now for being ignorant. The only thing I knew closest to French are French Fries and Omelette du Fromage. Wait, french fries isn't French at all!

The restaurant used to be a residential house. It's actually an ancestral house owned by the Obozas. It's a famous landmark located at Rizal Street, downtown Davao. You'll never miss this landmark whenever you drive or walk along Rizal Street.

Presenting their sumptuous menu:

For their appetizers, they served Mussels Mariniere (top) and their Jambalaya Gumbo Soup (bottom). I really liked the Mussels. It's creamy and it tasted perfectly right. Same goes to their Jambalaya Gumbo Soup. It's a shrimp paste but still delicious.

And now for the main course:

(Top) Baked Imbao Clam. (Upper Middle) Shrimp Cocktail. (Lower Middle) Grouper Fillet ala Meuniere. (Bottom) Pepper Steak. All of these photos were taken by Glen Santillan of Escape Manila. Thanks Tims! You're the be[a]st!

Their names may be hard to pronounce but their dishes made me ultra satisfied! In fact, it was love at first sight! I really do have a great experience in Claude's. The place is so perfect for fine dining. It's a place fit for family occasions, romantic dates, or dinner night out with friends!

Surprisingly, their meals aren't THAT expensive. Everyone should try Claude's. I'll be there again during my free time and try their other dishes.

The Geek Travels highly recommends this authentic French and Mediterranean restaurant in Davao! Yahoo!


Food (9/10)
Ambience (9/10)
Service (8.5/10)

PS: Even their dessert (assorted fruits) had a nice presentation!


  1. Yung mussels talaga panalo haha enjoyed my short stay there at Claude's :D Pang-date haha

  2. I miss Claude's!!! Tiguman jud ni taga adto Davao. :)


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